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Surveying Island Ave.

Still in the rumor stage: Word is someone bought the parcel of land between the courthouse and Park Towers on Island Avenue on the south side of Wingfield Park to build a 34 stories worth of condos. Surveyors were seen doing what surveyors do, making marks on the ground and looking through those telescope thingys. [...]

Downtown Looks Like A Money Maker for Basin Street Properties

From A Petaluma company, Basin Street Properties, is betting on the condo trend to help fill office space in the 12-story, 248,000-square-foot office building at West Liberty and Virginia streets they just bought for $34.6 million. “We have been watching Reno for the last six years, and now that downtown is being redeveloped, we [...]

Mutilation Barbie

Via Broadsheet: the London Times: Researchers at the University of Bath found that little girls enjoy mutilating the beloved dolls. The researchers had not intended to focus on Barbie, but they were taken aback by the rejection, hatred and violence she provoked when they asked the children about their feelings for the doll. Violence and [...]

Mr. Hetero Contest

From Pandagon. Its true, celebrate the heterosexual male while performing ultra masculine feats: “Strength — how many oprah [sic] magazines can you tear? “Talent — your choice “Intellectual — answering random questions such as your favorite heterosexual role model “Competition — name that food … more events to be announced.” Read more on the Focus [...]

Mr. Darcy? A Former Spy?

That’s right. I have been trying to remember where I have seen the latest Mr. Darcy in the newest adaptation of Pride and Prejudice for a week now. Matthew Macfadyen starred on a British TV series called MI5 (Spooks in the U.K) that I used to watch on lonely Saturday nights. I am a sucker [...]

Sex in The City (Reno?)

They had a big bash on the first floor of the former Golden Phoenix casino hotel to announce the Montage condo project and show off the Tower Residence model. I went a few weeks ago to see the model only to find that it was “virtual.” (I call that false advertising.) So it was nice [...]