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Closed Baby

It seems I closed Tuesday evening, but there is no evidence except an email received at 4:15pm saying that “they” were closing today, meaning that everyone who has been lined up to close at the end of the month, made it. I am hanging on to that email. Its the only tangible proof I have [...]

Long Live Valley Girl

Valley Girl was on Oxygen this weekend. Boy does that movie hold up well. I remember falling in love with Nicholas Cage as the young, Romeo-like Hollywood punk. He was definitely the punk I was looking for. How could you resist the whole hiding in the bathtub scene where he asks her to leave the [...]

Riverwalk Saga Continues

Last night I signed my loan papers in an unexplainable fit of optimism or stupidity, I ‘m still not sure which. I and several others are hoping that the temporary certificate of occupancy comes through tomorrow. It was SUPPOSED to come through today, but word on the street is that there’s only one guy in [...]

Two American Tragedies

Visit Yukon Sully’s blog for a nice preview/review of Enron: The Smartest Guys in The Room. And just below that, you’ll see a post on the newest addition to the Weffi scene–the nightmare inducing Coldstone Creamery. If ever someone was setting me up to fail at acheiving my new year’s resolution of cutting out fast [...]

Disappearing Vegas Condo

Read the article on the disappearing Las Vegas condo developments (you have to register but, come on, its the New York Times and it takes 2 minutes). Developers have canceled at least four developments: “In Las Vegas alone, developers have canceled at least four other buildings in the last year, including one called Aqua [...]

Happy Year of the Dog

I started my Year of the Dog off with breakfast at Peg’s Glorified Eggs and Ham. Oh, how I love me some Peg’s. My usual is the corned beef hash with scrambled eggs and sourdough toast. And before you say anything like “corned beef hash, yech?” When’s the last time you tried it? Could there [...]

Didn’t This Show Used To Be About Plastic Surgery?

It’s become a Sunday ritual that I watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with my girlfriend, who loves the show. This is the price that one pays for love. Plus, she puts up with my love of shows like Family Guy and Battlestar Galactica (Frackin’ A!), so I really shouldn’t complain. But I’m sorry, I just [...]

Trouser Press Lives

I stumbled across the Trouser Press website today. My god! How could I not know about this? The original Trouser Press was a music magazine out of New York published between 1974 and 1984 (it covered mostly British music). Its a goldmine for lates 70s and 80s alternative music information. You can even look at [...]

The Village At Idlewild Park

Has anyone been over to see The Village at Idlewild Park yet? It opened last week and I still havent made it over. I would be much more motivated if they had a Montage style party–you gotta keep up to stay up. The floor plans remind of the Montage (warning, cheezy music entry page)–nice but [...]

Reno Toll Roads?

Did anyone else catch this on (I think) Channel 2 news on Friday night? I dont think I imagined it. Some government authority has commissioned a transportation study that could include recommending toll roads in the area. That turned my head around, although I cant find a source for it anywhere online. I used to [...]

Lover’s Lock

Did you catch this one in the Sunday RGJ? “Starting on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, travelers on Interstate 80 near Lovelock will be greeted by newly-posted billboards sharing the message “Don’t let love pass you by.” The billboard will urge visiting couples to “lock their love” and prompt them to take the next exit into [...]

Sucking Face Is Good Exercise

Posted on Feministing, kissing not only lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels (reducing the risk of strokes), it also exercises 25 facial muscles. Another reason to find myself a houseboy.

Riverwalk: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

So here’s the deal. Riverwalk got its temporary certificate of occupancy yesterday so that means people can close and move in if they want to. However the final certificate of occupancy may not be issued until April. This presents a dilemma because something could always go wrong. I have a hard time seeing what could [...]

When Is Someone Going To Put Her Out Of Her Misery?

Via Salon (sorry, subscription only): The only explanation for Coulter as a personality is either extreme greed or extreme self loathing (or I suppose both). I shouldn’t even post this because it perpetuates the creeping cultural illness she respresents. Today, in her lecture at the traditional black college Philander Smith College, Coulter joked about poisoning [...]

Budget News

Check out Angry Bear for coverage of BEA estimate for fourth quarter of 2005. Yikes. He also has an amusing (that is if you arent worried about the national deficit) post on Bush’s inconsistencies on the subject. I really like this blog because it makes me feel like I understand economics (a super human feat). [...]