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Tuition Goinnnng Up!

Nevada is raising tuition rates for higher education institutions. Although current tuition rates seem like a bargain when compared to other western states without any other context, there are some other factors the Regents left out of their research. For instance, according to the 2004 Measuring Up: The National Report Card on Higher Education, Nevada [...]

Latest Reno Housing Market Speculation

Take a look at the Reno Realty Blog for her musings on the current state of the housing market. She seems to be anxious but not overly so. However, some of the people she describes seem much more anxious. Spring is going to be really interesting. I’ll try and get an update on condos in [...]

Zogby Says: Troops Want To Come Home

Read Desert Beacon’s post on the new Zogby poll of the military. The Beacon breaks it down to some of the core statistics. Bottom line, the troops want to come home. Here is the direct link to the Zogby summary. How will Bush respond to this most precious constituency?

What’s Your Figure Skating Theme Music

I have to confess, I’ve been thinking about this since the Olympics began, and now that they’re over, well, this could be a kind of tribute. If you were an Olympic figure skater (male or female), to what music would you skate your long program? Think of it–four minutes of unbridled artistic expression! My chosen [...]

Lightning In A Bottle Alright

Lightning In A Bottle is a great tribute to the blues if you swing that way that I happen to be watching right now for the third time I think. There are a few moments I could do without like Macy Gray singing “Hound Dog.” Where is Big Mama Thornton when you need her? At [...]

V for Vendetta

Well, this review certainly makes me even more excited to see V for Vendetta. And I already knew it was based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore so you know its going to be dark and apocalyptic. Wolcott has impeccable taste: “People shouldn’t be afraid of their governments…governments should be afraid of their people.” [...]

Let Me Buy You Some Respect

I guess a lot of women still feel men should pay for dinner which blows my mind. I feel exactly like Jessica at Feministing. The person who asks pays, and if you’re a couple, you work it out between yourselves depending on income factors, comfort levels, etc. (We are still in the situation where women [...]

Outlook: Tons of Snow

The situation isnt looking quite as good anymore. Flooding still should be less than early January but this RGJ update predicts a possible huge snowfall: “Remember the Christmas-New Years storms of 2005 that brought several feet of snow to the valley floor and up to a dozen feet in the mountains? Well the system arriving [...]


On a calculated impulse, the minx’s posse closed out one great house party and wriggled down to the Green Room for a second party upon learning that The Eric McFadden Trio was in town. For those of you who dont know, Eric McFadden is the member a zillion groups and a guest musician for George [...]

The Beacon In The Desert

The Desert Beacon has a nice post on the TASC initiative based on WICHE stats (Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education) which are accessible to all. The put out a lot of good research on trends in higher education for our small neck of the woods–economic outlook, population forecasts etc.. Anyway, the Desert Beacon does [...]

The Truckee, She Is A Rising Again

By now you all probably know that we have another flood warning in effect. The peak is supposed to occur tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon/evening. The good news for downtown is that they don’t expect the Truckee to flood in that area so, hopefully, the Wefi is safe. There’s plenty of bad news for Sparks which is [...]

Let me intoduce myself!

Hey Ya’ll!! Mizzmaster, you’re new neighborhood DJ,is in the hizouse!! Representin’ all the neighboorhood in need of the low down on whats hip and hoppin’ in the wide world of tunage!! First off I’d like to introduce myself as a totally diverse music lover and spinster. I righteously earned my name because of the wide [...]

Mix The Mizzmasta

Good news minxers, my DSL is finally working! The minx is free at last–thank god almighty! And more good news, the Mizzmasta is in the house starting this Thursday and and continuing on as a regular contributor. She is gonna teach us a thing or two about mixing old and new. So give her a [...]

The Kingpin

How could I have missed the fact that Buddy Guy was in town–well in Tahoe–a few days ago? Why wasn’t I paying attention? I missed the man who stole groupies from Hendrix and Clapton, the man who created a sensation by playing his guitar for minutes before even getting on stage, the man who built [...]

Read and Relish

Another great quote from James Wolcott–what a writer he is. Just read that last sentence and relish. It doesn’t matter who he’s writing about–that’s as fine a sentence as I’ve read in a long time: “As I post, President Bush is on Fox News delivering a speech in Indiana, looking jaunty and relaxed, repeating soundbites [...]