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George Mason Is A Libertarian

I managed to catch an interview with Kermit, I mean Alan Merten, the president of George Mason and was reminded of how much he reminds me of an effeminate Kermit the Frog. I dont know why. There is an interesting article on Slate about Mason’s quick rise in the academic world as well as the [...]

April Fools Me

It is 9:01 pacific time and I just visited’s Broadsheet (Subscription only) and thought I’d gone nuts because it’s become Bradsheet–a blog about Brad Pitt. Normally, Broadsheet is a feminist blog. So just for a moment I don’t get it and then light dawns–its April 1st already on the east coast. Why Brad? Because [...]

Reno Luxury? Is That An Oxymoron?

From the RGJ: Its confirmed! 40% of buyers of homes worth 800,000 or more are from, wait for it……California. For a home worth $800,000 and up sellers can get extra special treatment by Dickson Realty which just started the “Luxury Collection by Dickson Realty,” following a national trend in real estate. If you’re one of [...]

Gas Prices Go DOWN

How often does this happen? Is Southwest Gas required to lower prices if there is a significant cost drop over a quarter or are they just doing it for customer good will? Since prices rose over 12% last year, a 1 or 2% drop isnt much but sometimes it is the thought that counts. I [...]

Flava Of The Week: Clash Hit!

Hey homies:) P Sorry for the delayed post- busy day on the home side. Don’t worry, nothin’ like a coco-nut bubble bath and some Gold Frapp and a glass of Pascual Toso, Malebec to de-funkda’fie! So, now that I’m back I wanted to share my overwhelming love for my punk rock soldiers: The Clash. The [...]

Girly Girl Reno

Bleaughch! That’s the perfect word to describe the noise I made upon reading this gem in the RGJ. Two enterprising local folks have opened Girly Girl USA–a store that specializes in pre-teen and teen parties for girls ages 4-14: The shop has a small boutique and two birthday party rooms with a stage and microphone [...]

Hinduism Class in Reno

Class on Hinduism, the oldest religion in the world, at Reno.

Saigon Pearl and The History of The El Cortez Hotel

The minx is obviously not very observant because when someone asked her for a Vietnamese restaurant recommendation the other night, she didn’t even realize the Saigon Pearl existed and its literally 60 seconds from her front door on West Street off the lobby of the El Cortez Hotel. Did you know that the El Cortez [...]

The Minx Ain’t No Snow Bunny

I feel obligated to say something about the new Ritz-Carlton resort at Northstar. Okay, maybe I don’t. But I will point you to Yukon Sully so you can read what he said. The minx has a hard time getting excited about anything to do with sliding down mountain sides on fiberglass toothpicks. First, they don’t [...]

Holi Festival Reno

The colorful Holi festival of aborigianl origin in Reno.

Winner of the Loveliest Letter To The RGJ Editor Contest Is:

Andrew E. Kelly is the principal at Hug High School for his letter about classism and racism in Washoe County Schools. Not only is it a great piece of writing, it includes a call to action we should all heed: The failure rate in the school system is a noose around the necks of poor [...]

Support The NMA

The Nevada Museum of Art will exhibit the works available for bid at art 4auction on Friday, March 31, 2006. Over 80 works of art by regional and national artists including Chester Arnold, Jessica Dunne, Ingrid Evans, Adam Jahiel, Michael Light, Maria Partridge, and Joseph Zirker will be up for auction. Absentee bids will be [...]

Shoot-out At The Hacienda

Someone was shot outside the Hancienda restaurant last night. The victim was taken to Washoe med and with non-life threatening injuries. Reportedly, it was a fight between two different groups of bar regulars. Its normally such a happy place full or festive people–just look at the picture. The police maintain it was not gang related [...]

Night of All Nations 2006 Reno

The Night of All Nations gala, the biggest multicultural event in northern Nevada, on April 07.

More Fun With Diversity

And Demographics! The Brookings Institution just released a brief titled “Diversity Spreads Out: Metropolitan Shifts in Hispanic, Asian, and Black Populations Since 2000.” Highlights: Out of 361 metropolitan areas, 111 registered declines in white population. Las Vegas’ growth is among the most diverse in the country. Las Vegas ranks 10th in minority growth since 2000 [...]