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Spring Has Sprung

The minx spent much of the weekend enjoying all the pleasures her downtown neighborhood has to offer. People are shaking loose their hibernating impulses, strapping on the sandals, and looking for warm weather pleasures, of which the Wefi offers plenty. Friday night, I enjoyed dinner at one of my favorite restaurants , The Blue Plate. [...]

Ringle and NSHE Settle Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

The Nevada System of Higher Education paid a former employee of Truckee Meadows Community College, Anne-Louise Bennett, a settlement of $10,000 to end her lawsuit against President Philip Ringle. NSHE’s Chancellor, Jim Rogers, says the settlement paid to the victim bringing suit “in no way reflects any wrongdoing on the part of President Ringle, the [...]

Keen Footwear Kicks Local

It was just brought to my attention that a local business is being screwed by one of their suppliers. Reno Mountain Sports, (RMS) a fixture in the local sporting goods and whitewater community, has had a booth at the Reno River Festival with Keen Footwear for the last 2 years. However, when RMS contacted Keen [...]

Reno’s Almost there Arts Scene

The RGJ ran a great article on the efforts of local artists to not only make a career out of the their life’s passion, but to grow the local arts community. The local arts community has high hopes for how the new MFA program at UNR might help bolster activity and foster local artists. The [...]

Someone Copied My Blogroll!

Is that weird or what? I’m not sure whether to be flattered or start looking over my shoulder. What do you guys think? One thing it did was motivate me to get my Creative Commons license–just in case.

A Victory for Clean Water in Nevada

From the RGJ: The Nevada Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection improperly eased water quality regulations for a Newmont Mining Corp. gold mine near Carlin. The Division of Environmental Protection claims it eased the restrictions because of technical/legal errors in the original permit, not to benefit Newmont [...]

Happy Friday Discontents

If you got funk, you got style You’re funkin’ and you’re styling all the while When you got funk, you got class You’re out on the floor movin’ your ass Funkadelic

It Could Be Worse for the Minx

But she knows its a lot worse for a lot of other women out there thanks to the post on’s Broadsheet (subscription). I’m talking about the wage gap–the one that hasn’t moved in years. Women make 77 center per dollar on average that a man makes. Caculate your own wage gap here. Here is [...]

Should Discontents Poll?

Follow the Red Bar of Content and take the poll on whether Discontents should bother with polls. The minx would like some indication of interest before devoting too much time to the subject. We could have polls about all kinds of fun things like: “Is orange really a good color for whites?” Yes No I [...]

Sometimes Starbucks Is A Pioneer

Now that St. Mary’s has finished its expansion, that part of Northwest Reno is begging for redevelopment and there are signs it may be coming. When I go on my morning weekend walks, which take me by St. Mary’s, Whittaker Park, and The Pub and Sub, I still encounter many drunk and drowsy homeless people [...]

Immigration Reform by Candlelight

Instead of walk-outs and demonstrations on May Day (1st), local immigration policy protesters are planning an information session and candlelight vigil: Information about immigration reform and the bills in Congress will be available at Miguel Ribiera Park on Monday from 10am-until-1. You can meet for the walk at 9th and Virginia around 5 o’clock and [...]


Jamar and Moyo are just so friggn’ cute I couldn’t resist. They’re like Reno’s version of Washington D.C.’s baby panda Tai Shan. And they’re having a party: The coming out party for cheetah cubs Jamar and Moyo is Saturday. The male cubs are about a year old and still getting used to their new home, [...]

Pew Report Highlights Public Discontent

Go to the Pew Research Center for some great reports on immigration and religion, immigration and race, public discontent with Congress, and the futility of American dieting. From the survey of public discontent with Congress (Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted among 1,501 Americans from April 7-16): * The Democrats’ strength [...]

Nevada Nets Highest Rate of Domestic Migration

The Census Bureau has a new report out on net domestic migration (the difference between the number of people who move into and out of a state) between 2000-2004. Highest and Lowest Average Annual Rates of Net Domestic Migration for States: 2000–2004 (Rates per 1,000 average population based on population estimates for July 1, 2000, [...]

Postmodern Dowtown Condo Project

It seems like BCN Development has been trying to get this as yet unnamed building finalized for two years now. At least there’s finally progress on The Palladio(warning: godforsaken music on this site), their other condo project. Although, in the minx’s mind, any progress made is mitigated by the traffic problems I encounter each and [...]