Derby Off and Running

Dennis Myers turns another great effor for the Reno News & Review on Regent Jill Derby’s campaign for the second congressional district against Dawn Gibbons–a seat that’s never been won by a Democrat.

Turns out she’s got the money and the help she needs:

Derby has been aided by U.S. Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, who was assigned to her as a coach by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Washington. Van Hollen has put his money where his coaching is–Derby’s campaign logged a $1,000 campaign contribution from him on Nov. 16, 2005. But more than that, he and the DCCC have aided Derby with milking money from traditional party contributors.

The Hill, a congressional newspaper, says such assigning of incumbent House members to tutor Democratic challengers adds “policy experience, political acumen and a stable of fundraising contacts” to their campaigns.

Not only that but the district demographics have changed in her favor:

The district has long been considered a safe Republican seat, never falling to the Democrats. In January 2004, voter registration figures were 157,000 Republicans, 115,000 Democrats. Today they’re 168,000 to 120,000, reflecting Nevada’s rapid growth. The number of unaffiliated voters is more than 50,000.

These new demographics are key in light of Pew Research Center’s report on public discontent with Congress. Its the unaffiliated voters (independents) Derby should be concentrating on, since they are primed to vote for Democrats this year. Its a shame there’s no incumbent in this race, but Dawn Gibbons is a good second best, being that she’s married to the would’ve been incumbent. The bottom line is Derby has a really good chance–especially if the DCCC and other national arms of Democratic party continue to support her campaign.

Maybe its time for someone to start a Derby diary at MyDD or DailyKos….

Update from The Hill: The DCCC’s Red to Blue Program has selected Derby as one of its most promising challengers. This is big news for the Derby campaign and means more money and a seal of approval from the national Democrats.

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“Maybe its time for someone to start a Derby diary at MyDD or DailyKos‚Ķ.”

Well, I actually did on April 22 and Jill Derby’s site has linked to it as well. It’s here:

I also crossposted it at MyDD and will do so frequently for the rest of the campaign!

Have also posted on my German Blog.

I’ll check it out on MyDD

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