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Veterans Affairs Lost Something Else–Its Integrity

Maybe the VA lost Nevada National Guard Sergeant Patrick Stewart’s memorial plaque too? The one and only Scandalmonger at Vote Gibbons Out has been covering this sad spectacle with the persistence it deserves. I wonder if the Undersecretary of Memorial Affairs, William Tuerk, would accept someone’s foot up his ass as an acceptable symbol of [...]

Snarky Baby Boomers

From a RGJ editorial titled: Small things considered….nightlife. THUMBS UP … boomers: On the other hand, it’ll be a good year for those who are gray but not prematurely. Paul Simon. Kenny Rogers. Blue Oyster Cult. Kris Kristofferson. Three Dog Night. The Beach Boys. Canned Heat. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young! Take that, Gen X. [...]

Remediation Defined

I just wanted to perform a sort of public service and define the term “remediation” for folks who aren’t quite clear on what it means or the impact it has on all levels of education. This urge to serve was generated by a recent reading of Michael Lafferty’s “Right Hook” column in the Reno News [...]

My Kingdom For A Grocery Store Part 2

The Downtown Makeover dude recently posted the Nevada Small Business Development Center’s downtown grocery store study that was commissioned by city’s Redevelopment Agency. There was also an op-ed on the subject in the RGJ today. The report names seven barriers that are preventing the city’s ability to attract a supermarket to the downtown: 1. blight [...]

No Compromise on The Estate Tax

While Republican efforts to permanently repeal the entire estate tax in the senate are essentially dead, members of the GOP are working on a compromise that would likely raise the estate tax exemption level to $5 million ($10 million per couple) and set the tax rate at 15 percent, equal to that of the capital [...]

Reid’s A More Polarizing Figure Inside Nevada

In the Washington Post’s politics blog, The Fix, Chris Cillizza discusses the effect Reid’s senate leadership position has had on his popularity at home and the news is neither good nor a surprise. He compares the results from the recent RGJ poll with poll results from 2003. In the recent RGJ’s Research 2000 poll, 48% [...]

It Pays To Go Out With A Bush Twin

From The Notion: You too can be a college drop-out and get into Harvard Business School if you also dated one of the Bush Twins and don’t mind carrying the President’s breath mints like Blake Gottesman. From an article in the Harvard Crimson: Gottesman, a Texas native who attended Claremont-McKenna College in California for one [...]

Gibbons, Titus, and The Chocolate Bar

Anjeanette Damon points out that gubernatorial candidates Gibbons and Titus have wisely located their offices near a very hopping watering hole. Could a minx ask for more from her political candidates than such strategic office placement? Both Gibbons and Titus have graciously located their offices within walking distance of the Chocolate Bar which is fantastic [...]

Gibbons Declared Not Hot

From Politics1: So much for Dawn Gibbons’ hotness. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) was declared the hottest woman in US politics with 28% of the vote. Gibbons sadly only pulled in close to 5% of the vote. Personally, I think Assemblywoman Nicole Parra (D-CA) was robbed. She’s really hot.

Nevada Felony Disfranchisement Law

Donkey Rising points us to Right to Vote: Campaign to End Felony Disenfranchisement for a rollover map where you can see the statistics on how Nevada’s felony disfranchisment laws affect the electorate. But I’ll save you the trouble and print the statistics right here: What is the law? The State of Nevada prohibits felons currently [...]

Sierra Tap House Getting Noticed

Yes, the minx was the first person to bring it to the public’s attention. However, the more publicity the Sierra Tap House gets, the better. Downtown Makeover even has photos on his site. Imagine! And he knows the owners too, but they’re different than the owners I know. How many owners are there for god’s [...]

Waterfront Project Still Progressing

As you know, the minx is keeping a close eye on the Waterfront project set to be built near the bowling stadium on Lake Street. I consider the Waterfront Towers to be THE definitive downtown development–the building that will cement Reno’s reputation as a developing urban center. Every city needs a distinct symbol of its [...]

Winner of the Spurs Ain’t Just For Riding Letter to the RGJ Editor Is:

Bob McKenzie of Sun Valley who writes: We all have seen the refreshing ad by the Nevada dairymen’s association: “Calves love milk.” But do horses really love spurs? Notice that the cow people are all wearing spurs. Why would a cow man need spurs on a horse that is for riding and not for breaking? [...]

Once You Start, You Can’t Go Back

On the face of it, the results from the latest Pew Research Center report on gambling could be interpreted as a bad thing for Nevada. Public attitudes toward gambling have taken a down turn in the last few years: Seven-in-ten (70%) Americans say that legalized gambling encourages people to gamble more than they can afford, [...]

Missing: 9,800 Border Patrol Agents

74% of those polled support using the National Guard to patrol the U.S. border. I find this truly scary. The National Guard needs to be available for state emergencies. What happens if Arizona, California, New Mexico, or Texas need to use their National Guard troops stationed at the border to help fight fire fires this [...]