Ralph Reed Is a Tool

From WAPO: Turns out Reed supported a regime in the U.S. commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands that forced Chinese women into the sex trade and forced them to have abortions. I guess sometimes money gets in the way of family values and pro-life convictions. Of course we already know that Abramoff paid him $4 million dollars to lobby for some Indian casinos to prevent competitors from opening their own.

Why should a U.S. commonwealth have federal wage and worker safety laws? They’re just commonwealthers, not real Americans. Remember that when you vote for the GOP candidate for your lieutenant governor Georgians. Reed is as slimy as they come, and he’s never treated his supporters with anything more than condescension. Its so bad that, not only did Abramoff recoil from his amazing level of open greed, his former employees are turning against him.

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