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Happy Friday Discontents

Every sober mornin wit’chu is like we drunk at the Super 8 With laughin and plannin in between while we recuperate We communicate with mouths fingers and hands Cell phones with clocks, a thousand free minute plans Lose me in your details, break my codes ‘Til all the good breakfast spots is closed Them rich [...]

My Almost Coup With The Coup

On a whim, I sent an email to The Coup’s myspace email account with four questions I hoped someone might answer so I could post it on the blog and get everyone excited about Friday’s concert. Instead, Boots Riley asked me to call him, and then call him again later (Oh yeah, I’ll call you [...]

A Close Encounter With Gubernatorial Candidate Mimi Miyagi

This morning, Monday Morning Politicking received the following email at their site from the Mimi Miyagi campaign which was then forwarded on to me since MMP now posts here now (Don’t get mad at MMP, its all my fault): _______________________________________________ Date: Jun 28, 2006 6:24 PM Subject: MIMI MIYAGI- NEVADA USA-GOP FOR GOVERNOR To:, [...]

Connors For Sparks Councilman

A friend, family member, or colleague of Randy Connors, who is currently running for City Council in Sparks, is a very aggressive and possibly dangerous driver. How do I know this guy is affiliated with the Connors campaign? His car had a large magnetic campaign banner for Connors on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. [...]

Father’s Rights Groups Let Their True Colors Show

Read the Op-Ed by Trish Wilson who runs The Countess blog, and who is no stranger to the upside down world of father’s rights groups and the case of Darren Mack. To emphasize once again the poor job the media is doing on this story, please read my past post on the subject and the [...]

Divine Strake: “The Latest Attempt At Irridiating Humans”

A must read on TomDispatch today for all Nevada and Utah citizens. Chip Ward, who has written before on the nuclear testing that took place in the west during the 1950s in Canaries on the Rim: Living Downwind in The West, writes an explosive piece on the government’s latest proposed nuclear test–Divine Strake. The minx [...]

Joe Strummer Jeans. For The Love Of God.

Excuse me while I gag. Levis names a pair of jeans after Joe Strummer. Now Strummer can join the ranks of other dearly departed icons like Humphrey Bogart and Hemingway who have been sacrificed to the gods of consumerism. They are so Joe–they come with pre worn hems and pockets so all your friends will [...]

AT&T Customers Can End Service Without Penalty

I spoke to a very helpful AT&T executive today about whether they would let me out of my service contract without penalizing me because of the change made to the privacy policy. The answer– “yes.” If a customer is determined to leave AT&T because of the policy change, then AT&T would not charge a termination [...]

Wingfield Towers Update

Holy Smokes, the new Wingfield Towers is going to be pretty amazing. It will create a sort of twin tower to the new Waterfront Towers on Lake Street, and will give Reno an actual skyline. Downtown Makeover Dude has a slideshow up on his site from the developer. It looks pretty snazzy and will include [...]

Winner Of The Look Whose Calling Who Crazy Letter To The RGJ Editor Goes To

Joe Morrison of Gardnerville who writes: It was announced June 21 on the floor of the U.S. Senate that some 500 chemical weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s) have been found in Iraq. I am sure that all those who have been saying that President Bush “lied to the American people” regarding this matter as a [...]

Dance Your Way Out Of Your Constrictions With The Coup

Where will the minx be Friday night? At The Coup show at Club Underground where Boots Riley and crew will knock your socks off with their Sly inspired funkyass rap. Check out Riley’s blog entries about the tour, listen to some tracks from the new album, Pick A Bigger Weapon (I recommend “My Favorite Mutiny”) [...]

Darren Mack Trolled Blogs About Himself

The Countess, who has been one of the bloggers keeping track of various aspects of the Mack case, believes that Darren Mack may have been frequenting her blog and posting comments. It is suspected that he was doing the same on Legal Reader. You’d think if you were on the run, you’d have more important [...]

Blog Riot, I Wanna Riot, Blog Riot, A Riot Of My Own

The Washington Post ran an article today summarizing the results of a study funded by the National Science Foundation and conducted by the National Opinion Research Center. The General Social Survey is a huge survey (a sample of 1500) that utilizes face-to-face interviews and has a response rate of 70%. That’s pretty good for the [...]

The Current State of Government Enforced Pregnancy

The June issue of The Atlantic examines what life after a repeal of Roe v Wade would be like. The bottom line is that the majority of Americans still believe that first trimester abortions should be legal, but with certain restrictions (usually having to do with parental consent for minors). Most interesting to me is [...]

Nevada: Rubes Are Us

Taking my cue from Aliens in Reno, who notes that Nevada is making the news for a lot of the wrong reasons lately, we need to add Chris Cillizza’s blog post about Paul Adams, the chairman of the state Republican Party to the list. Cillizza describes Adams’ attempts to knock off Reid as the “Daschle-ization” [...]