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Nevadans Smoke A Lot of Marijuana

The Committee to Regulate and Control Marijuana demands that hip-hop hating Sheriff Bill Young prove Nevada citizens don’t smoke as much doobage as statistics show. Cherub-faced CRCM campaign manager Neil Levine (Niles on Murphy Brown anyone?) goes all Harvard economist on Brown and tells him Nevada spends close to $43 million per year enforcing “marijuana [...]

More Evangelicals Questioning Role of Religion In Politics

Andrew Sullivan brings our attention to an interview with Michael Gershon, until recently, a speech writer for Bush: What challenges do you see for evangelicals who want to broaden the movement’s social agenda? It’s probably a long-term mistake for evangelicals to be too closely associated with any ideology or political party. The Christian teaching on [...]

Men Who Aren’t Working

The minx could kill the NYTimes for publishing this article on men not working. The husbands are getting all kinds of ideas thanks to reading about Alan Beggerow and his lifestyle of leisure. The scary thing about this trend is that men/families are borrowing on the value of their homes and retirement accounts to stay [...]

Arterra Downtown Condos And Reno’s New Urbanism

Update on the Arterra Project from the RGJ. Capston Parnters LLC is the developer on the Village At Idlewild. Although all of their (two) residential projects are apartment complex like, they have done commercial high rise development. What’s most interesting about the Arterra development is that they are planning several live-work units. The idea behind [...]

Using The Darren Mack Case To Educate

In case any local journalists are reading, this is the kind of information that should have been included in stories on the Darren Mack case. I hope next time you are provided with an opportunity to inform and educate the community about domestic violence and how to prevent it, you will remember this op-ed: FROM [...]

Linking to The Minx, A Bad Career Move?

Diane Cohn, Reno super technically skilled real estate agent extraordinaire, risks her career by linking to the minx and proposes a Reno blogger meet and greet. While I appreciate Ms. Cohn’s bravery, and note that she is also a fan of the champagne soaked cocktail party, the invitation is not enough to tempt the minx [...]

Chaz Hipper Than William

If Chaz Higgs turns out to have anything to do with the death of his wife, Kathy Augustine, our first clue to a flaw in his character will have been the fact that he thought Chaz was a hipper name than William.

John Ralston Is Forgetting One Good Reason to Vote Early

In his rather pious LVRJ commentary on the problem of early voting, John Ralston does not address the most important reason of all to vote early–the prevention of registration errors and fraud that often prevent people from voting on election day. Let’s say I wait until after work on August 15th to vote in the [...]

Authenticity, Hot August Nights, Teddy Girls, and CBGBs

The CBGB entrance in 1993. Photograph: Jim Cooper/AP The RGJ’s Jason Kellner has a really interesting article up about how the Hot August Nights event is coping with the shortage of walking, breathing musical artists from the early rock-n-roll era it celebrates. Many of the early rock-n-roll acts booked for the event feature few if [...]

Punk Attitude: Blog On

The problem with me is perfectly illustrated by what I did Sunday morning. Instead of watching the Sunday morning new shows or reading the papers, I watched Don Letts’ documentary, Punk: Attitude released in 2005 and running on IFC. Punk: Attitude does a pretty good job of leading the viewer through various stages of the [...]

Emerging Churches Strain Against Instrusion of Politics

Last week, the NYTimes published an excellent article about Babtist colleges straining against church leadership. This week, they follow up with an article about the “emerging church” movement which is challenging the role of politics in evangelical churches. Remember, not all evangelicals consider themselves to be Conservatives or Republicans, and even if they do, that [...]

What Goes On In Harry Reid’s Backyard

As a Nevada resident and loyal Democrat, I keep trying to find reasons not to be frustrated with Harry Reid. The problem is, my beloved Senator has become like a dictatorial host at a staid cocktail party who keeps serving me up annoyances like smelly, cold hors d’oeuvres and then insists on watching me uncomfortably [...]

The Passion of Mel Gibson

Wow. Via Andrew Sullivan: During his arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol on Friday, Mel Gibson allegedly went on an anti-semetic rant according to an article on has posted a four page document they claim is part of the original police report filed by the arresting office, L.A. County [...]

Early Voting Begins

Need milk and eggs? Or in the minx’s case, vodka and chocolate? Want to vote early? Now you can kill both of these birds with one stone by voting at Scolari’s from noon to 7:00pm everday until August 11th. Visit Washoe County’s website to get the schedule and other locations for early voting. What are [...]

Las Vegas Condos And The National Housing Slow Down

The NYTimes (via Nevada Today) has an article about the slow down in the national housing market and features Las Vegas (along with Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) as usual. You have to wonder if all the housing articles written over the past two years in national publications like the NYTimes created an echo chamber that fueled [...]