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Its Just Overkill

Have you noticed that the local station, Bob Fm (97.3) has a very strange playlist? One minute they’re playing some Duran Duran song I’d thankfully managed to forget years ago, the next, Kajagogo’s “Too Shy,” another song I could go my whole life without hearing again, and then they’ll win me back from a live [...]

Keith Olbermann’s Commentary On Rumsfeld’s Appeasement Smears

View Kieth Olbermann’s informed, pointed and emotionally charged response to Rumsfeld’s appeasement speech on Crooks and Liars. The country needs more people to step out of the shadows of timidity like Olbermann and Anderson have done and challenge this administration’s reprehensible tactics.

Reno And Beyond: Bush’s “Ecelectic” Reading List: 3 Washingtons, 3 Shakespeares and A Camus. Plus Reno Construction And Condos

Bush gets all up in Brian Williams’ face when questioned about the high and low points of his presidency, looks forward to historians judging him two hundred years from now (worst president ever), lists his “ecelectic” reading list while dodging the specific question about the “back story on Camus.” Ten bucks says he “read” the [...]

Bush Team Calls Majority Of Americans Appeasers, Oh, And Lies

Why dont they just hit us on the head with a hammer. It would take less effort and they wouldn’t insult our intelligence. To protect the innocent, I have censored the string of expletives I began writing just a moment ago. From the Washington Post: President Bush and his surrogates are launching a new campaign [...]

Latest Celebrity Not Visiting Reno: Bill Maher

Norm Clarke reports that Bill Maher, of Politically Incorrect and Real Time with Bill Maher fame, was spotted at Celine Dion’s show “A New Day” at Caesars Palace on Saturday night. Celine Dion? That’s not exactly the kind of french-inspired past time we’re used to associating with you Bill. For a well-known lecher and libertine, [...]

New Jack Carter Ad: American Values

The Jack Carter for Senate campaign just sent out a new web exclusive ad (not for TV) called “American Values.” It focuses on the need to balance national security interests with personal freedoms. Can I get a hallelujah?! No, really, this one seems like its geared toward rural, independent sorts. Enjoy:

Morning Melee: Americans Are Getting Poorer and Californians Are Getting Fatter (not Phatter)

From the RGJ: Nevadans are less fat than Californians.Yeah, that’s right. The land of elephantine buffets, bowlegged cowboys, and chronic smokers is Nicole Richie to California’s Kirstie Alley. California can blame L.A.’s young, stunted, and plastic set that is slowly moving into Las Vegas condos, leaving the rest of the Californians (outside of the bay [...]

This Week’s Reno Blow-Up

This week’s Reno Blow-Up is The Pneumatic Diner by user daerice. Too see your photographs featured in Reno Blow-Up, join the Reno and Its Discontents’ Flickr group.

Angle Fails To Convince Ensign She Has Principles

If anyone didn’t already have reason enough to question Angle’s decision making abilities, this should just about do it for you. Ensign discusses two conversations he had with Sharron Angle with Ray Hager of Inside Nevada Politics: “Normally I would not comment, but she did,” Ensign said. “It was a private conversation and it wasn’t [...]

Love The Local Candidates: JoEtta Brown and David Bobzien

JoEtta Brown, Assembly District 39: Sven, that crazy German whose nuts about Lake Tahoe, profiles Joetta Brown from Minden: In the profile JoEtta Brown talks about her background as a banking executive, her thoughts on the Property Tax Cap and development issues in Douglas County. Some excerpts: “I found I was interested in politics, but [...]

Dr. No Love: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love The Fear Mongerers

Starring Merkin “Muffley” Cheney and Buck “Rummy” Turgidson Buck “Rummy” Turgidson: “Gosh Muff, do you really think we can keep this old dog and pony show up until 2008?” The war’s going to hell, and eventhough I mentioned 9/11 14 times in my last speech, people still shouted unspeakable things at me like that little [...]

In Honor Of Kurt Vonnegut Week

Damn, there WAS a Kurt Vonnegut interview from the Daily Show on Youtube earlier today, but its been removed. You can see it on the Comedy Central site here. Caption: Legendary novelist Kurt Vonnegut talks about the 51st American state: the state of denial and how Democracy evolved in the U.S.

Everyday Melee: Leather Chaps, Christopher Hitchens, Burning Man and Literary Giants

Congressional Quarterly has picked up the Angle special election story. They are still rating the race as “leans Republican.” What a good idea–casinos running their own gambling addiction intervention programs that seem to include little training or follow-up. The appeal of Burning Man explained: “a city with an expiration date, built for the sheer fun/hell [...]

Cheney Does It Again at the VFW Convention

Your’e not suprised are you? The VP can’t seem to help himself. Wasn’t it just last week that even Bush said Iraq has nothing to do with September 11th, 2001? And that’s why we are fighting with the remnants of Saddam Hussein’s regime and terrorists in Iraq… I know some have suggested that by liberating [...]

Everday Melee: Wholesome Hemp And Where Did Ensign’s Speech Go?

Grow hemp, its a wholesome product. Typical Californians. The fabulous Beacon points out that Ensign’s “Iraq Is Wonderful” speech given on the Senate floor last November seems to be missing from his website (Try clicking on November 8, 2005 : IRAQ FLOOR SPEECH). The Beacon found the speech at the Library of Congress. Visit her [...]