MMP’s primary endorsements, round 4: advice for the north.

Attention Republicans from Northern Nevada: Whatever you do, do not vote for Dean Heller.

Dean Heller, through his ads and his actions, has tried desperately to convince the people up North that he’s a Nevadan first. That he’ll be some sort of intangible change to the less-than-impressive humdrum congress we’ve grown to expect. But, please, Northern Nevada do not be deceived: Dean Heller is EXACTLY the same kind of shiftless, do-nothing industry pawn that goes to Congress and forgets his roots that we’ve seen over the past several years.

If you’re frustrated with a congress unresponsive to the people’s need, Dean Heller is not your candidate. If you’re looking toward some kind of change in Washington, Dean Heller is not the man who will make it happen. If you hate legislators who are more responsive to industry contribution than they are to their constituents… Dean Heller is not your man. Heller, for all his folksy charm, is already a pawn of lobbyists.

If you want Jones Vargas, Lionel Sawyer and Collins, R&R Partners and the rest to hold this seat: Heller’s your man.

Dawn Gibbons, for all her strangeness, is certainly a better representative. In the Assembly, she built up a reputation for being willing to compromise and bring everyone to the table (to the extent minority members had a table). And Angle would likely garner more national attention for the district — though your pork would dry up pretty quickly. She didn’t build a rep for being willing to compromise — or for even working with other people. But she was consistent, and she shot ya’ straight. Heller will bring neither.

But whoever you vote for, MMP urges against voting for Heller. Heller’s the student body president who was never really that talented but nobody really wanted to point out that he was a chump. He’s the emperor who wasn’t wearing any clothes. He’s got nothing new to bring to the table. He’ll go to congress to vote with the cool kids, serve a handful of terms and Nevada’s quality of representation will go more or less unchanged.

Look, Dean’s a good guy. But he’s not congressional material. It’s OK — let’s all get together and accept it. Republicans, whatever you do, don’t vote Heller today. It’s for your own good.

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It’s obvious from Heller’s campaign that he’s phoning it in at this point. He expected a congressional seat to be handed to him, underestimated both Angle and Gibbons and has done little by way of providing those of us up north with reasons to vote for him.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Heller came in third tonight — last of the serious field. Turnout today is low, which benefits Angle for sure. At the end of the day, when voters don’t have a compelling reason to vote for you — you lose.

Great news for Derby. I hope she learns from Heller’s mistakes and takes Angle more seriously.

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