Gay Reno

Kris Vagner of the Reno News & Review has written an interesting article on gay culture in Reno that features local blogger Tim Miles. Titled “Is Gay Passe?,”and divided up into both stereotypical sections (the runway and the dance floor) and other more conventional sections (on campus and in the eyes of god), Vagner takes a comparative look at local gay culture and that of more urban areas of the country and wonders whether the end of gay culture is here. In the end, Vagner argues that there is no consensus or agreement about the degree to which gayness and gay culture have been assimilated into the mainstream (I would argue that its much easier to assimilate gay culture than it is gayness. They aren’t the same thing).

One thing is for sure, if you want Reno to continue growing into an economically diverse and creatively vibrant city, a dynamic gay community is essential. You don’t have to believe in Richard Florida’s hypothesis that gays are a fundamental part of the Creative Class. You can believe that gays bring more disposable income to the city thanks to smaller families and pooled incomes, or that gays are attracted to more tolerant and diverse communities, or some combination of all of the above. However, who can argue with the idea that we want a tolerant, diverse (economically and otherwise) and creative city?

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