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Foley Demonstrates Freudian Projection By Exploiting Children And House Leadership KNEW

Update! Not only did the most of the Reps on the House Page Board know about Foley’s little problem (they forgot to tell the lone Democrat member), but House Leadership (Boehner and Hastert) knew as early as this spring. how on earth could they have let Foley continue leading the House Caucus on Missing and [...]

Chaz Higgs Arrested For Murder Of Kathy Augustine

Chaz Higgs is arrested and charged with former State Controller Kathy Augustine’s murder. This is a welcome development and probably means that Augustine’s stepson will have his father’s body exhumed to investigate whether his death was suspicious after all. What occurred to me after hearing about Higgs’ arrest is that there is a lesson in [...]

Most Impressive Celebrity To Ever Visit Reno: President Jimmy Carter

Sorry, no round up because I don’t have a lot of time here, but I have to say something about the 2006 Virginia Demmler Honor Roll Dinner put on by the Washoe County Democratic Party that took place tonight. Everyone whose anyone was there including Jill Derby (accomplished), Dina Titus (smart and wicked), Jack Carter [...]

Reno and Beyond: The Redevelopment Issue

First up, the ReTRAC Enhancement Project Design architect presented sketches and drawings as well as a 3-D model of a potential Pedestrian Plaza at the city council meeting today. The Pedestrian Plaza will be created by covering the ReTRAC corridor between Virginia Street on the east and West Streets on the west. The Pedestrian Plaza [...]

An Art Airport? Yes, Somewhere In Nevada

Okay, an airport as an art project complete with a lizard cleaning service? Didn’t these guys get enough of Burning Man? Read this quirky story by Kris Vagner on Nevada Today. She also writes for the Reno News & Review. LOVE the 50s inspired flight attendant uniforms.

America’s Next Top Model Sucks

In the beginning, America’s Next Top Model seemed like it might be the sober person’s Drunk Asshole Hotel as Heather Havrilesky oh so aptly named Paradise Hotel in her landmark article on the greatest and worst thing to happen to TV in my lifetime. Melville digression: And can I just take a minute to say [...]

Former Renoites Checking In

Thanks to David LaPlante for pointing out this blog. I look forward to checking in and reading what people have to say about our old home.

Reno and Beyond: What Is The Essence of Reno?

Photo by Cheryl via Around Carson Good news for Carson City folks who drive up to Reno just to visit Trader Joe’s. Scott Schrantz has the scoop on Trader Joe’s newest location in the Clear Creek Plaza. The sign says “Coming Soon,” so who knows what that means. I’m sure Scott will keep us posted. [...]

The Gibbons/Titus Debate Poll

First, its a shame Gibbons for trying to belittle Titus, the little woman running against him, by declaring in his opening statement that he has “the temperment” to be governor, thereby raising the spectre of all the past misogynist references made about Titus’s temperment in the past made by the Gibson campaign (thanks again babe!). [...]

Video of Gibbons/Titus Debate

Finally, I found a link that works for the Titus/Gibbons debate tonight. Enjoy (look at the featured videos section). We would love to hear about your impressions of the debate in comments.

What Bothers Me About Street Vibrations

What bothers me the most about Street Vibrations is not the noise so much, there’s an easy remedy for that thanks to my little purple earplugs. No, there are two reasons I have a problem with Street Vibrations. First, I hate the fact that half of the downtown streets are shut down for five days. [...]

Discontents Made CNN Today, We’ve Gone World Wide Baby!

Well this is hilarious. Discontents showed up CNN Money today, and we have local blogger VCHighlands to thank for the scandalous post about a possible gas price conspiracy. The minx is not so conspiracy minded, but, hey, we’ll take the free TV coverage. They must have been scraping the bottom of barrel to use our [...]

Reno and Beyond: Finally I Can Hear Myself Think

Shhhh. Do you hear it? Blessed silence. Somehow I managed to get through another Street Vibrations without going completely insane. You should all be very happy about that–trust me. See the latest Discontents poll on who will be the winner of the Gibbons/Titus debate at UNR tonight. Nevadans pretty much support the possession of small [...]

Rove’s October Surprise Poll Results

You Discontents were all over the map on this one. You either took the most serious route or the most comedic (see Rove imploding answer below). You also added three or your own answers which tells us a couple of things; we aren’t good at writing responses, and/or people are finally starting to feel comfortable [...]

Sunday In Reno

Reno’s best dressed and undressed. I guess, if Playboy says so, but you have to question anyone (why did Playboy have to call the poor kid “The Rocker?”) who says their sense of fashion was inspired by anything at the New Oasis. The last time the minx was there she almost had to throw down [...]