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Breaking News: Mizpah Hotel In Downtown Reno On Fire

KNRV Channel 4 News is reporting that a building near the intersection of Lake and Second Streets is on fire. The footage is not on their website yet, but its a big fire and people have reportedly had to escape through the first and second floor windows of the building. is reporting that its [...]

Gibbons Garage Gate Cliff Notes: What We Know

Courtesy of KTNV Las Vegas News The minx thought she would try and prepare a sort of Cliff Notes for the Gibbons/Mazzeo affair for your convenience, but it was really hard. Math hard. Here is what I came up with. Want something to be added? Send the source. We know Gibbons lied one way or [...]

John Kerry Calls A Despicable Hypocrite A Despicable Hypocrite

Is Boehner smoking crack? If Rumsfeld is the best thing to happen to the Pentagon in 25 years, the minx is the best thing to happen to Reno’s vodka suppliers ever. Okay, maybe that’s true, but you get my point. On the way home from work, I heard John Kerry’s press conference today in which [...]

Endorsement #8: It’s time for Tessa

We saved this one for second-to-last, because not only is it by far one of the most competitive of the races we’re covering, but it’s also our home district. Nevada’s third district wraps around the vegas suburbs — if you drive by a lot of signs that advertise new homes “In the low 300′s” in [...]

Reno and Beyond: Berkley Shares Her Largesse While Anderson Cooper Frowns

Courtesy of KTNV Las Vegas News Man, all the crazy stuff happens when I can’t get to a computer. The Hughes Center Gibbons/Mazzeo tapes have miraculously turned up and, guess what? The first report is that there is no footage of Mazzeo or Gibbons on them. But where the heck were the tapes for two [...]

Discontents Poll Results: Gibbons Garage Gate

You guys are meaner than I am! I must be doing something right. For instance, we have absolutely no evidence proving that Gibbons did anything besides waiting outside in the bushes for a woman and lying about it. On with the show! The most accurate answer, although clearly not the winning answer, you nasty Discontents [...]

The Gift of Music: Tom Waits’ Downtown Train

And you thought this was a Rod Stewart song. From Rain Dogs (1985). Buy it from iTunes Outside another yellow moon punched a hole in the nighttime, yes I climb through the window and down the street shining like a new dime the downtown trains are full with all those Brooklyn girls they try [...]

Its A Good Thing Jane Ann Morrison Isn’t Hot!

Morrison’s column is another in the long line of absolutely, positively ridiculous state coverage of the Gibbons/Mazzeo affair. My first response to this column is unprintable, as is my second, third, and fourth. What on earth is up with Nevada journalists and their inability to not perpetrate every single stereotype regarding sexual assault every documented? [...]

The Men Who Love Gibbons, and The Women Who Love Them

Well, this analysis of the gubernatorial candidate poll results was a surprise——–not. Was it just me or did you also hear the collective “Dude!” and see the high fives once when men around the state (and nation) got a gander at Chrissy Mazzeo? I mean, if you’re going to be accused of assault, you might [...]

Jim Gibbons As Governor? Give Me A Break!

Do yourself a favor and read Hugh Jackson’s latest on why the citizens of this state should be embarrassed to elect Jim Gibbons as our governor. And after you read it, send it to everyone you know. Its not just about Gibbons Garage Gate, or even Gibbons Nanny Gate, its about the fact that he [...]

Blaming The Drunken Whores

Courtesy of KTNV Las Vegas News Nevada’s headlines have been dominated by two examples of how our state is still obviously dominated by an old west, back-slapping, network of men (and the women who fawn over them), who close ranks when up to no good drunken whores like Chrissy Mazzeo and the teenage girl who [...]

Reno and Reno: No Gibbons or Mazzeo, Strictly Local

I know its fun to complain about the city, but Charles McNeely just received some major props from the University Of Kansas School Of Public Administration. US News and World Report continuously rates the University of Kansas’ graduate program in public administration number one in the country for city management education. So be loud and [...]

Discontents Chat Countdown

The chat begins at 7:00 pm but you can join at any time. The show is over at 8:00pm How to participate: Go to this website (, type the name you would like to use during the session in the Name Box and you’re off. You can make the chat window larger by clicking on [...]

Reno and Beyond: Its Not Stay The Course Stupid!

High ranking Reno PD officials throw Pitsnogle under the bus for not following proper procedure when masturbating with a naked teenage girl in his patrol car. Its really not fair to have police working out of old jail cells. They might become too sympathetic to inmates. Its carrying the whole “walk a day in their [...]

Live Chat Thursday Night

Chat with MMP and MTM tonight. Come on? What else are you going to do? Survivor isn’t on until 8pm anyway. When: Thursday night from 7:00pm to 8:00pm (Pacific) Why: We have no idea–we’re just spontaneous and fun! What: State politics of course. Gibbons and Mazzeo, supreme court races (really?) and ballot questions. Maybe Chuck [...]