Its A Good Thing Jane Ann Morrison Isn’t Hot!

Morrison’s column is another in the long line of absolutely, positively ridiculous state coverage of the Gibbons/Mazzeo affair. My first response to this column is unprintable, as is my second, third, and fourth. What on earth is up with Nevada journalists and their inability to not perpetrate every single stereotype regarding sexual assault every documented? I plead with all newspaper editors to send your staff to training on the subject. Its out there, and they need it.

Morrison posits only two reasons for Mazzeo to come forward–to show us all how hot she is or to make her bribery claim public. By doing so, Morrison shows us just how familar she is with every possible stereotype regarding sexual assault. In fact, why don’t we play “How Many Ignorant Sexual Assault Stereotypes Can Morrison Violate In One Column!” Are you ready?

Sexual Assault Stereotype 1: Women are victims of sexual assault because they are good looking or flirtatious.

Personally, I don’t believe Gibbons tried to rape her, but it’s believable that he might have thought she would be a willing participant in fun and games, slap and tickle, kissy face, whatever euphemism you prefer.

Does it make Morrison feel safer to pronounce that Mazzeo was up for some slap and tickle, kissy face because she’s good looking? Is she saying that Mazzeo looks sleazy? What she’s clearly saying is that attractive women are up for a little hanky panky because, well, they just are. They wouldn’t be born attractive after all. And if you’re ugly, you’re lucky because no one would ever want to rape you, or even play “fun and games, slap and tickle, kissy face” with you. By the way, what on earth about Mazzeo’s appearance at the press conference made Morrison believe that she would automatically be up for a little slap and tickle with Jim Gibbons? Was it her long straight hair? Her wide eyes? Perhaps is was that demure business suit she was wearing? And what does Morrison mean when when she refers to “fun and games, slap and tickle, kissy face” as a euphemism? A euphemism for what? Sex? Pardon me while I retch.

Sexual Assault Stereotype 2: Women who dress provocatively are “asking for it.”

Okay, Morrison didn’t actually say this one in print, but its implied everywhere in her column. Let me ask you this. How different is it for Morrison to say or imply that a woman was asking for unwanted sexual attention because she appeared sexy than it is for the Mufti of Australia and New Zealand, Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali to say women who reveal too much skin are like “abandoned” meat at a marketplace. Not very far, because the conclusion is the same. She brought it on herself.

Sexual Assault Stereotype 3: Men cannot control themselves.

The pictures have caused countless men to consider the allegations against Gibbons and say to themselves: “There but for the grace of God go I.” Or so I’m told by one retired player.

Besides the fact that this is an insulting argument to men everywhere, its false. Men sucessfully control themselves around women, even beautiful women, all the time. Men, this one should make you especially angry unless you sexually assault someone, and then it will be your argument at trial. And if you can convince the jury she was a drunken whore, it’ll probably work.

Sexual Assault Stereotype 4: Dumb women don’t know any better.

It’s entirely believable that Mazzeo would write down instructions from Puhek on the back of a business card about what she should tell police the next morning about not going forward with the case, because Mazzeo appears to be a woman who is easily manipulated and not very smart.

Since Mazzeo is dumb as well as pretty, she can’t be trusted to tell the truth. She certainly wouldn’t know the difference between flirting and an attempted sexual assault.

Remember how there were only two possible reasons for Mazzeo’s press conference? Morrison completey leaves out the incredibly obvious reason for Mazzeo’s press conference–the one she and Richard Wright stated as the reason Mazzeo came forward. Someone ignorant fool released her identity thereby forcing her to defend herself against portrayals just like this one in the media.

And then Morrison has the nerve to take a swing at the RGJ for not providing as much coverage of the Gibbons/Mazzeo affair as her paper. That’s my job! No, really, no coverage is better than the ignorant drivel Morrison phoned in for this column. Who is she? Phyllis Schlafly?! She’s managed to set back the progress journalists have made in covering sexual assault cases back twenty years. Now that’s something to be proud of!

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Thank you, Myrna. I have been railing against Jane Ann’s ‘journalistic’ offerings not one, but two columns in a row. Not only did she have little more than sexist pap to offer, but she actually posited these brilliant misogynist truisms in two successive columns.

I can’t believe I’m actually looking forward to the return of her more mundane post-election bullshit musings in the Ladies’ Home Review-Journal.

Thanks for posting this.

Haven’t read Ms. Morrison’s comments, except as quoted on the Las Vegas Gleaner, and in Steve Sebelius’ blog.

But, if the rest of the article is filled with this kind of inuendo and sniggering, Ms. Morrison should be extremely ashamed of herself for writing such twaddle.

Rape’s a weapon, especially in war, and one that’s used to inflict as much terror and fear as possible.

While Gibbons mayn’t have raped Ms. Mazzeo, he certainly terrorised her, and there is no justification for doing that whatsoever.

Please keep up the good work, and this goes from one old Reno kid to another.

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