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The Grammar Police Write Letters To the Editor Of the RGJ

In today’s RGJ Letter to the Editor section there are two letters from the grammar police–yippee–my favorite! First up, Katy Stangland takes new UNR President Milton Glick to task for saying the following during an interview: “I appreciate how much this community and the university have welcomed my wife and I.” Well holy hell–break out [...]

Reno and Beyond: Oops, Britney Forgot Her Panties

Party at the Deux today, all day! Bring your bike. And just in case you missed it, tax crusader Sharron Angle has been happily wasting your tax dollars–$10,000 at a time. Be sure and thank her next time she runs for office–in 2008. Did anyone attend the ReTrac parcel development meeting last night? If so, [...]

“What It Takes To Make A Student”

The coincidental appearance of several articles related to education today have compelled me to write a longer post focused on that subject. And when you think about it, what’s a more important domestic topic in the United States today besides maybe health care? More and more often, the problem of our public system of education [...]

Reno and Beyond: Throwing Down With Cheney From The Kiwi Room

Yeah, more nuclear waste for Nevada! Reno’s next big tourist event might be a Lifesport Quintathalon (don’t even bother trying to Google it). I can’t even spell it–can you imagine trying to promoting it? Who would actually care to watch a bunch of people compete in golf, tennis, skiing, bowling and swimming? I know, Lifesport [...]

Our Own Frankenstein

U.S. government policy has created its own big fat problem in Iraq and its name is Moqtada al Sadr. What I’ve been hearing from my source is that very early on in 2004, we could’ve and should’ve jailed Sadr for the murder of prominent exile Abdul Majid al-Khoei. This solution as actually voiced by Iraqis [...]

Reno and Beyond: Prices Are Going Up

I’ve been neglecting some of the downtown construction projects. But where I’ve failed, Downtown Makeover Dude has succeeded (get an RSS DMD). DMD let me know that Grant’s Landing, the first downtown townhome project, is raising their prices considerably from their initial announcement earlier this year. The entry price went from $150,000 to $350,000ish. Wow. [...]

Deux Gros Nez

Deux Gros Nez smelled crisp, tart, and fruity. Like the food itself tastes when it first hits your tongue.

Goodbye Charley Varrick

At the risk of contradicting everything I’ve ever said in the past about not moving too quickly to leave the older and grittier downtown Reno behind, I think raising the casino hotel rates as Ellen Oppenheim, the president and chief executive of the Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority, advises is a great idea. Let’s face [...]

Reno and Beyond: Pahrump Isn’t Just Nevada’s Rump Anymore

An official at ReStart reports that over $80,000 has been raised to help the survivors of the Mizpah Hotel fire as a part of the Mizpah Project H.O.M.E. Fundraiser. They have also been able to place over 40 households in affordable, permanent housing and they’re working on placing the rest. Kudos to ReStart and to [...]

Women’s NCAA Division 1 Volleyball on CSTV

I know most of you have spent the past turkey and starch soaked days watching football, football, football, and maybe a bit of men’s basketball, so let me be the one to tell you about the great sports action you’ve been missing on CSTV, which has been broadcasting all the NCAA Division I women’s volleyball [...]


Another geek thing about me is I think the English language is fun. I got no ear or talent for any other (believe me, I tried), so this article from the Los Angeles Times tickles and alarms me. It explains how a “liberal” use of keywords can change one’s perception of a situation, policy, or [...]

The Gift of Music: The Replacements’ Alex Chilton Live

Christopher Good,who helps run the Peace, Poetry & Music night at Dreamers reminded me of The Replacements the other day. It seems there’s a lot of us old punks with impeccable taste hanging around Reno, but you sure wouldn’t know it by looking at us. Luckily for all of us, I was able to find [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pardoned turkey finds Bush’s brain.

Discontents Poll Results: How Should Party Houses Be Punished?

By now most of you have heard that the city council is considering tagging “party houses” with red tags in order to send some kind of a message to the owners/occupiers, although exactly what message that is remains to be seen. Some may end up wearing it as a red badge of courage–get it?! Anyway, [...]

Reno and Beyond: Hating Paris Hilton

Wanna see some great competition over the holiday? Check out the Women’s WAC Volleyball tournament at Lawlor Events Center Wednesday through Friday. Local real estate experts think Reno’s market has leveled out. Although prices are down, sales are up a bit. There’s a memorial service for the victims of the Mizpah Hotel fire this Saturday [...]