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The Gift of Music: De La Soul’s “A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays”

Ahhhhhh yeahhhhh, its time for a mid school jam from those lovable hip hop populists–De La Soul. Who else could sample “Grease” by Frankie Valli and make it sound so cool? Joined by Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest for the last Native Tongue Posse productions, “A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays” is from the [...]

Exclusive Interview with John Edwards

As you should know by now, John Edwards came to Reno yesterday, just one day after announcing his candidacy for President. Obviously, Edwards is putting great importance on the Nevada caucus, which has been moved up to be right after Iowa. He conducted a “town hall” meeting to a very receptive (and larger than expected) [...]

John Edwards In Reno, Nevada And The Importance Of Blogging In Political Campaigns

It looks like a couple of thousand Reno citizens attended tonight’s John Edwards’ town hall at the Grand Sierra. His plane was a little late so our operative, Welder, did not get as much Q & A time with Edwards as originally discussed, however, they were still able to meet with Edwards “mano y mano” [...]

And You Thought It Was Fun Playing French Maid And Randy Butler

Hipster tipster and frequent commenter NVmojo sent the minx this very naughty video (for shame!). Don’t get so excited that you don’t notice Bush’s problems with subject and noun agreement or Wham’s “Careless Whispers” (muzak version) playing in the background. “Jeapordate” is definitely not a word. Classic.

A Chat with John Edwards

“I think that there’s great opportunity for change if we actually have some courage and stand up for the things that America should be standing up for, and we engage the American people in bringing about the change from the ground up, instead of from the top down, which I think is a mistake.” That’s [...]

Has Metro Learned Nothing?

Seriously, does Metro understand what the words “complete” and “investigation” mean? From the LVSun: A top Metro Police official acknowledged Thursday that detectives did not subpoena cell phone records of several people who could have been involved in an alleged plot to persuade Chrissy Mazzeo to keep silent about her late-night encounter with Gov.-elect Jim [...]

What Should Reno And Its Discontents Ask John Edwards?

I am hoping to have representative at John Edwards’ blogger Q & A session tomorrow evening and am wondering what you would like John Edwards if you had the chance. Respond with your question in comments and we might just ask it!

Gibbons Will Not Be Prosecuted

Courtesy of KTNV Las Vegas News Gibbons will not be prosecuted for allegedly assaulting Chrissy Mazzeo in November which isn’t a surprise by any means. Its pretty much the norm in sexual assault cases nationwide. Sexual assault cases rarely go to court, particularly when persons of note are involved. Less than 20% of all reported [...]

John Edwards Makes It Official

I know you’re surprised by this but John Edwards is running for president. He announced earlier this morning on Good Morning America. Do you think George Stephanapolous’ holiday hosting gig had anything to do with the venue? Anyway, Edwards is also going to be in Reno this Friday so Nothern Nevadans get another chance to [...]

Debbie Says: Pretty Boys Suck

For some unexplainable reason, I’ve become obsessed with Debbie Schlussel’s “I hate Islam and women” blog, perhaps because its so ridiculous? Anyway, yesterday she broke the revolutionary news that men and women prefer young, attractive men. I know, its crazy…but true. In University of Michigan psychologist Daniel Kruger’s research, 854 undergraduates saw digitally altered, composite [...]

Bustamante Should Have Fired Schwarzenegger When He Had The Chance

Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante missed a great opportunity if you ask me. He had roughly two hours to stage a coup while Schwarzenegger was under anesthesia and remove the Gubinator from office for taking liberties with the property of the state of California (his ass) and desertion. Not only did he break his leg skiiing, [...]

“The Future Is Unwritten” and “Redemption Song: The Ballad of Joe Strummer” Coming To A Theater and Store Near You

After 2006′s Clash Rock and Roll Hall of Fame exhibit and Rick Rude’s documentary, Let’s Rock Again, the march to immortalize Joe Strummer continues in 2007 with The Future Is Unwritten, a new documentary by Julien Temple that will debut in January at the Sundance Film Festival, and in a new biography by Chris Salewicz [...]

Best Of Reno And Its Discontents 2006: Our First Year

In the interest of saving myself from most if not all work this holiday week, and because Reno and Its Discontents just celebrated its first anniversary, I thought it was time for a “Best of” post. Happy Holidays and enjoy the “Best Of Reno and Its Discontents!” Our very first post on the Montage’s grand [...]

The Gift of Music: Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros’ “Yalla Yalla”

Readers of this blog probably realize two things about me by now–I love Joe Stummer, and I LOVE this song. It doesn’t seem like much when it starts out but it builds into this cautiously optimistic technolicious groove that becomes more infectious the more times you listen to it.–trust me. My only two complaints about [...]

Best Buy Tries To Make More Money and Debbie Schlussel Doesn’t Like It

Debbie Schlussel is all in a tizzy over Best Buy’s efforts to make more money by becoming friendlier to women shoppers. If there is anyone Schlussel hates more than black Americans with Muslim relatives also potentially running for president, its women who purchase electronics at the ubiquitous big box store and want better service. How [...]