Reno and Beyond: And I Encourage You To All Go Shopping More!

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Sympathize with Harry Reid? For what?! Cutting off the poor because we need to bomb stuff? If Reid actually said the mafioso BS that the blog says he said then he just shouldn’t be a senator. As for Bono, he’s an extraordinary humanitarian activist doing something, quite a lot actually, out of a sense of obligation when he could be kicking back on his own island. Check out the website of his organization: And if you want to blow off poverty as an issue, presumably because you can, consider how priveleged you really are. ( Chances are, you’re well into the top 1 or 2% of the world’s income distribution.

All that said, Bono’s music is kind of lame and commercial. But the guy managed to convert Jesse Helms on the AIDS in Africa issue.,3604,669223,00.html.
He’s not insubstantial.

say what you want about bono — i’d have his baby any day.

Nah, I’m sure made it up. Uh, I was being sarcastic about Bono—I know all about his debt relief efforts etc. Sometimes, he’s just annoyingly perfect, if lacking a bit on the humility side.

Franko, only if he removed his sunglasses. I am starting to wonder if they have been surgically implanted on his face.

keep on supplying the ideas…hopefully someone is reading that will take them and run with them…

Bono – sigh. He’s definitely got a formula!

So you know about the RTC working with UNR on Hydrogen Fuel technology?
The conditions the Reno City Council has tried to place on developers?
Later, the article said, “But what makes Vauban unique, say experts, is that “it’s as much a grass-roots initiative as it is pursued by the city council,” says Mr. Scheurer. “It brings together the community, the government, and the private sector at every state of the game.”

We can’t do it alone, people. Blogs like this help, but don’t stop at reading them.

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