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Top Chef: Mano Y Mano Finale

First, the quick and dirty analysis of Bravo’s new reality show Top Design–I totally called it. I have two phrases that I think perfectly sum up the show’s premiere: “Break out the bitchy queens” and “judges made of cardboard.” Who is the straight man? Why, the one who thought Alexis Arquette was Iggy Pop in [...]

Reno and Beyond: Nostalgic For The Good Old Days

It hurts to remember doesn’t it? Forget about the totally lame inaugural ball (teenagers were there–talk about a buzzkill) and the Super Bowl (although I’ll watch the half-time show because of His Highness), the big controversy is whether Nick Fazekas will score more points Saturday against Hawaii than the Bears do in the Super Bowl [...]

Reno and Beyond: Living In A Flood Zone? Not If Your Project Is Already Approved

Check out Kris Vagner’s write up of Rebekah Bogard’s sculpture exhibit, Love and Leisure, featuring libidinously inclined animals. You can catch the exhibit at the Sheppard Gallery, Church Fine Arts Building, University of Nevada, Reno, until Feb. 16 Message to people still to purchase homes in proposed housing projects on portions of the Butler Ranch [...]

Abandoned Reno Town Square Plan Circa 1995

Look what Scott Schrantz over at Around Carson dug up–a plan for another downtown plaza on the river between Center and Virginia in 1995 that involved the downtown post office. He always finds the best stuff: It would have involved filling in part of the river channel, closest to the Mapes, to create walking paths [...]

Reno and Beyond: Ciabatta Tofu Sandwiches For All

Photo from RGJ Terry Smith is Reno’s most angelic and selfless citizen. No one does more to help Reno’s troubled citizens than he (?) does. Food is food when you don’t have any I suppose, but I wonder if sometimes Terry Smith’s homeless friends wish for a little ham on their Ciabatta . But far [...]

Reno and Beyond: Vegsized!

Okay, even I think 28,000 comments on First Lady Dawn Gibbons’ inaugural gown is excessive. We don’t want our first couple to look like the Clampetts for god’s sake. And her gown was on sale. Wait, how come there are only three comments on the story today?. Did the RGJ remove yesterday’s comments? Vegasized! Its [...]

Can I Get Paid NOT To Host A Hillary Clinton Ad?

Taylor Marsh finally got her Clinton ad (of course, she also gets 10x my traffic). I have a feeling that I probably won’t be included in any Clinton ad buy anytime soon (even though this site gets as many hits as Nevada Today who snagged one). Plus I have had absolutely no relations with that [...]

Myrna And The Mayor

Downtown Makeover Dude alerted the minx to my co-starring role on today’s episode of Nevada Newsmakers. Marlene Lockard (massive hair flip for you!) has been reading Reno and Its Discontents because she quizzed Mayor Cashell about some of the plaza completion issues we’ve been discussing lately. Since Mayor Cashell said he was going to look [...]

The Most Disgusting Noise In The World

No, its not the sound of Cheney telling Wolf Blitzer that he’s out of line for asking him how he reconciles leading a party that is “dedicated to smearing, marginalizing and disenfranchising a member of your own family” if I may borrow the words of Andrew Sullivan, its the sound of someone vomiting. Its not [...]

Reno and Beyond: I Prefer The Barbarian Invasions

I didn’t watch or read President Bush’s State of The Nation speech, but I read Andrew Sullivan’s live blogging of it after the fact so that counts right? Instead, I watched The Barbarian Invasions by the French-Canadian film maker Denys Arcand on IFC–a much better way to spend an hour in front of the television. [...]

Julien Temple’s Documentary “Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten”’s Andrew O’Hehir (subscription) was lucky enough to see Julien Temple’s new documentary about Joe Strummer called Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten at the Sundance Film Festival. Here’s what he wrote: If I wanted to set somebody afire with the potential of aesthetic and political revolution, though, I’d take them to see Julien Temple’s [...]

Reno and Beyond: The Extravagnace Of It All

Things are picking up in WeFi again. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the World Boardshop opened on the corner of First and Arlington in that great space on the first floor of Arlington Towers. As they say on their myspace site: “We are so open now.” The RGJ features other shops in Arlington [...]

Snubbed By Hillary Clinton

I am a cranky minx today, because I finally have to face reality. After noticing a Hillary Clinton campaign ad on The Las Vegas Gleaner, it became clear that Northern Nevadan faces a long year of being largely ignored by our southern compatriots and by the mainstream media in spite of our role as an [...]

Gibbons’ State Of The State Address

On the eve of our new governor’s State of The State address, I thought it would be interesting to actually take a look at the state of our state as judged by advocacy groups who make it their business to evaluate how states perform in a variety of areas important to their citizens and the [...]

Reno and Beyond: Dada Me Surprised

Republican Automatons, George Grosz I got my windows cleaned today. Good help is so hard to find. La Bussola is moving away from WeFi. I’ll miss their window displays. The Andy Warhol exhibit is opening at the Nevada Museum of Art tomorrow. From the NMA website: The exhibition also provides a unique opportunity to view [...]