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Reno and Beyond: When The Minx Attacks

Here’s more on the possible moving of the Lear Theater to Bicentennial Park. Ken over at Urban Blog got even more of the story and has some ideas about what to do with the building and the property. My big question is why the second theater in the new building? It seems like that could [...]

Reno and Beyond: The End Of The World As We Know It?

For those wondering, I took down my post about Molly Ball, because I started to feel like it wasn’t right to return one cheap shot with another and I didn’t want the post to stay up and create controversy. Consider this a mea culpa. I thought that was a better decision than leaving the post [...]

Reno and Beyond: Clinton Came to Papa

Mayor Cashell suggested closing down the Lake Mill Lodge on the corner of Lake and Mill Streets because of the many complaints and violations the city has received and noted (here’s a video). Oh wait, they actually just did close part of it.The manager says its unfair to label all the residents criminals and he’s [...]

Nevada State Democratic Party Reorganization

Instead of seeing the Nevada State Democratic Party co-sponsored Fox News debate controversy as a bad thing for the Nevada Democrats, I think we are actually seeing some positive outcomes. And while Sven at Turn Tahoe Blue mentions that Tom Collins resigned before the controversy, but I’m not sure that’s true since the controversy began [...]

Reno and Beyond: Everybody’s Happy Nowadays

So the big local news last week was that the rest of the city found out about the possible plans for the Lear Theater. In order to save it, the non-profit Lear Theater group is proposing selling the land beneath it so that they can move it to another, yet to be discussed location. I [...]

Martin Scorcese Doesn’t Deserve Oscar For The Departed

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this, but I just want to make it clear that Martin Scorcese does NOT deserve the Oscar for The Departed–a Hong Kong classic (Infernal Affairs) he reworked to apparently give Jack Nicholson another opportunity to overact. There is no doubt in my mind that Stephen [...]

Reno Who Concert: The Who Starts Here

I’m partly deaf and dumb because I just got home for The Who concert. I don’t know what they were thinking, but they decided to start their tour here. Well, I do know what they thinking–they were thinking that nobody would notice if they were off their game a bit if they started their U.S. [...]

To Debate Or Not To Debate: It All Depends On Who Televises It

Its been quite a week for the minx and believe it or not, it wasn’t intentional. Not only did the big blogs and pay me a bit of attention, but my name is now mud on Michelle Malkin’s as well. I am truly honored. I actually keep going back and forth on the whole [...]

Fox Attacks Obama

Here is the website and video released by Robert Greenwald and And here is a statement from’s Adam Green: “Everybody supports reaching out to new people. But 365 days a year, Fox smears Democrats and spreads lies while operating under the guise of being a trustworthy news source. Fox is giving Democrats 1 [...]

Carson City Presidential Forum: JWH Advises Myrna That The Secret Service Posed No Threat

By JWH: cross-posted at The Blog Formerly Known Ad Say No To Gibbons What a day! First things first – Props to the Mynxster for the press pass hook-up! By the way, Mynx… Anonymous bloggers would have had no problem getting into the event. Our wonderful Secret Service didn’t bother checking ID’s. It was smooth [...]

It Appears That The Fox IS In The Hen House

They always say that to get attention you should be controversial, and I guess I’ve accomplished that today if you can believe the comments from visitors like weinerdog43 on my post about Nevada’s presidential debate set to be broadcast on Fox News in August 2007 (weinerdog43? Seriously? You should watch who you’re calling a dimwit [...]

Press Coverage Nevada Presidential Forum

JWH successfully got his press pass this morning and can join the hordes of state and national press attending the event this afternoon. The AFSCME sponsored Nevada blogger Taylor Marsh and’s Jonathan Singer. I hope JWH enjoys the circus because I think he is the only “local” liberal blogger to make it in. I [...] Organizing Campaign Against Airing Nevada Democratic Fox News Debate

I just spoke to Adam Green of which is planning a campaign against Fox News’s pose as a legitimate news agency. They see the upcoming Democratic debate sponsored by the Western Majority Project and the Nevada State Democratic Party is an opportunity to put pressure on the state party and other new organizations and [...]

Nevada Democratic Party Response On Fox News Debate

The Beacon figured out what the obscure Western Majority Project is. What we haven’t heard is anything from the State Democratic Party about the movement to boycott the debate sponsored by the WMP and Fox News. And the Gleaner gives us a bit more background on what this might be all about (fair and balanced [...]

Reno and Beyond: Get Ready For Presidential Forum Coverage

Good news, I’ve made a deal with JWH to cover tomorrow’s presidential forum in Carson City for me. He better do a good job because I am setting him up big time. He’ll be in the “spin room” at the Carson City Community Center. Look for his coverage here and at his own blog. The [...]