Organizing Campaign Against Airing Nevada Democratic Fox News Debate

I just spoke to Adam Green of which is planning a campaign against Fox News’s pose as a legitimate news agency. They see the upcoming Democratic debate sponsored by the Western Majority Project and the Nevada State Democratic Party is an opportunity to put pressure on the state party and other new organizations and are going to time it with a YouTube video by Robert Greenwald called “Fox Attacks Obama.”

In a rather shocking move, Green wants to include Nevada liberal bloggers in this campaign, or at least let us know what the plans are so that we can help as we see fit. I sure hope someone tfrom the state party is reading this… might want to brace yourself.

The campaign makes more sense to me than the online petition because it will be paired with a media assault against Fox News’ status as a news agency. Unfortunately for the state party, its going to come at their expense. I initially had a knee jerk reaction to the dismissive posts about the debate from some of the big blogs because the whole “dumb Nevadans” thing is already getting old (I guess I have become a Nevadan), but I see the wisdom of this effort.

Update: And Hugh Jackson is right,, DailyKos, MyDD etc. should be pressuring Harry Reid and other members of the Western Majority Project who helped organize the whole affair. I’m sure the conversation went something like this totally imaginary scenario:

Harry Reid: We need a nationally televised, prime time debate in Northern Nevada before the caucus. CNN declined, Fox said okay.

Tom Collins: yes sir Mr. Senate Majority Leader. You’re the boss. But might some Democrats not like the idea of a Democratic debate on Fox News?

Harry Reid: Couldn’t hear you……

Tom Collins: Where’s my gin and tonic?

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[...] A blogger named Myrna the Minx at Reno and Its Discontent (a name that reeks of bourgeios socialism) posted this yesterday: I just spoke to Adam Green of which is planning a campaign against Fox News’s pose as a legitimate news agency. [...]


No one ever mentions that IN TV WORLD: MSNBC (Keith Olberman), FOX NEWS, HBO, others are only available on Dish 60+ , or cable. They are not available on plain old antennae received TV.

Why not put the debate on a channel that all people can access? Makes sense.

Westen Majority Project did not approach Fox, Fox approached Harry Reid. After CNN announced what was then the earliest debate of the primary season, FNC quickly snarked back that FNC was first in cable news and would be first in the debates, too. Their first attempt appeared to be Des Moines, but it looks like folks in Iowa may have turned FNC down.

Thanks for that info Marcus.

Harry Reid is in lala land if he thinks Fox’s audience will learn about the Democrats by watching the debate. Fox spends every hour of every day demonizing Democrats. Fox’s audience has been so prejudiced against Democrats, and they watch and listen to them through such a thick fog of loathing and disgust, that they’re incapable of being open minded about what they hear.

Not only that, even if Democrats make great points, Fox will spend the two or three weeks after the debate doing segments that knock down and mock those great points.

In the end, holding a debate on Fox does nothing more than give Fox an event it can dangle before the world in its never-ending campaign to prove to the world how “fair and balanced” it is.

If it is on Fox I will not watch it. This is a huge mistake. Fox will only stab us in the back. I will do whatever I can to stop this.

When will the powers that are supposed to be in the Democratic Party going to wake up and get it right????? Are they trying to let the American people down again. Enough is enough. Fox News will crucify the Democratic Party at every opportunity. NO FOX NEWS PLEASE!

If it is on Fox News I will not be watching. Democrats should stop appearing as guests on all Fox talking head shows. They are only lending legitimacy to this propoganda machine. A showing of Democratic party unity on this policy would be good. Let Fox become an even more obvious right wing echo chamber. This will reveal their bias even more blatantly. Democrats, please stop indulging them. They are unfit to host this debate.

I know how you feel about the “Nevadans” thing… at this point, I’m a Texan.

All the more reason for those of us in these “red” states to vote green or purple instead of red or blue … because if a vote for blue doesn’t win, it really loses, while a vote for “other” means something.

Back on it , though, does FNC have exclusive rights? What about Comedy Central and PBS and Democracy Now! and Pacifica?

Oh, and most of us already realize that Reid = worthless sycophant. Like Lieberman, that’s why he’s in office.

OMG, How I hope and pray that “The Discontent Democrats” Up North are able to vote “ABC” (“Anybody But Collins”) for the New State Chair of the Nevada Democratic Party – new leadership is so desperately needed!

Nevada Deserves a dedicated Democrat heading up the State Party – Tom Collins is soooo embarassing it’s just a shame and a sham!

I thought was basically started by a bunch of retired CIA operations officers that came out right around Plame.

MoveOn used to be joked as

Are you guys serious? Fox News is showing the debate so it’s all some kind of conspiracy? Is there anything that you people don’t think is some kind of conspiracy? Funny how one channel that leans a little right sends the Democrats into a fury, but don’t seem to mind that the rest of the MSM tilts left. is right… Excuse me.

Finally, a voice of reason on this thread.

“they’re incapable of being open minded about what they hear”
Comment by Melanie — February 21, 2007 @ 1:25 pm
What a gutless, coward to say that.

It’s not about “conspiracy” – it’s about not walking stupidly into an ambush where you’re surrounded by a complete production staff who have total control of the venue and getting slaughtered like sheep!

Fox does NOT do journalism – they are a professional propaganda machine!

I’m just curious as to exactly what the bloggers in this sphere call “fair news stations.” CNN? NBC? ABC? Or maybe papers like the LA Times or NY Times? Good grief! At least I can recognize the bias in FOX News Channel when I see what little of it there is. But y’all seem to so far to the left and mired so deeply in your own liberal bias that you think that Senator Geoge Voinovitch is a far-right conservative. At least FOX has the courage to put a real, bonifide liberal (when they have the courage to appear) when they say they are. This constrasts greatly with the likes of NBC who, when they say they’re getting the conservative viewpoint, go hunt up the most liberal Republican they can find. Then they have the unmittigated audacity to call their extreme-leftist viewpoint-giver a “moderate” — if they bother to label them at all.

J. Shayne Jones
Dayton, OH

I would assume that some of the people that are up in arms over this are the same people that consider Keith Olbermann a “newsman” and unbiased. Neither of which are true.

Ahh…Mr. Olbermann, the L.A. comic sports guy who wore out his schtick, so he took it to a new venue. In other couple years he will be cracking smart about storms on the Weather Channel. And in 10, he’ll be shilling on HSN.

You are arguing over some basic terminology and concepts that have long been established. The argument against Fox News, Rush Limbough, and others of their ilk is not that they are conservative or biased because we all bring our own biases and experiences to politics. It has been long accepted that the New York Times is a liberal news organization just as William Buckley and his organization are conservative but both have always made great attempts to base their stories on facts and label opinion as opinion. That have always been accepted as orgainizations and people of integrity. We used to be able to discuss liberal and conservative policy and beliefs without using slander, inuendo and llies toward those policies and beliefs. News organizations were diligent about doing their research and publishing or reporting ‘news’ only after they had determined the facts. I believe that it has been shown repeatedly that Fox News commentators such as Hannity and O’Reilly will report bold faced lies and slander as news, for example their latest attempts to slander Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Are you people really listening to these people? Do you not have the good judgement to tell the difference? Of course Keith Olberman has a liberal bias but he reports current news with humor and responds to the absurdities that Fox News attempts to pass off as the truth. If you had spent any time in school, you may have had to write a term paper. You should have learned that you need to reference your sources and quote them in context. You will find very few of the neo-conservatives or the new conservative entertainers who make any valid attempt to do this properly. They are guilty of very bad journalism and worse. It is very clear that the Fox News Network consciously makes every attempt to serve as a propaganda and entertainment machine to the new conservatives and would be totally repudiated by true conservatives such as Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater. I agree that no self-respecting person, Republican, Democrat, Independent or other should give Fox News the time of day and dignify that network by being interviewed or appear on any Fox show.

It’s almost pointless to once again make this statement, but Hannity and O’Reilly are commentators, not news anchors. Of course they are going to rant and riff off of what is coming over the transom, that’s what they are paid to do, just like Olberman.

It is the news arm of Fox that is airing the debate, not those evil-doing commentators who besmirch the name of journalism for the Edward R. Murrow-like Olberman, Franken, Rhodes, etc., etc., who we all know will be collecting Pulitzers for their unbiased, meticulously researched and never, ever wrong news reporting.

Wow!! NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, and of course the “illustrious” New York Times, are not biased? Why, heck the other night, I was watching MSNBC and there was 4 self admitted liberals, bashing this country, Bush, and everything else under the sun, etc. How many Conservatives were on the panel? 0, that is Zero. Nothing like “fair and balanced”, right.

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