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Reno and Beyond: Stealing Iowa

EDAWN, Northern Nevada Development Authority and their partners are introducing a “regional business brand” to market northern Nevada as a good place to open a business, work and live on April 24 at EDAWN’s annual luncheon. After we name the new ballroom, I think we’ll have poll for Northern Nevada’s new brand. What’s even worse [...]

Latest Celebrity Not Visitin Reno: Michael Jackson

REUTERS/THE BETTMANN ARCHIVE In case you haven’t heard, Michael Jackson has set up shop in Las Vegas while he prepares for his latest comeback. He left his long-term residencies in Dubai and then Dublin (as Michael Flately’s dance partner) for the city of lights. And what better place is there for Jackson’s comeback than Vegas? [...]

Reno and Beyond: Virginia Street Bridge Really Soon To Become History

Photo by Liz Margerum, Don’t forget to take the poll on what to name the new ballroom (Look down the Red Bar of Content). Feel free to add your own answer but keep it clean, or at least don’t make it too dirty. All I have to say about our next letter is “Is [...]

Virginia St. Bridge to be replaced

The City Council voted to replace the Virginia St. Bridge. The Senior Project Manager with the Flood Control Project told Council the most recent model by the U-S Army Corps of Engineers shows a much wider “by-pass” channel would be necessary on the north side of the bridge to potentially offer protection against a 100 year flood event. The wider channel would require re-construction half of the Plaza at 10 North Virginia Street and require the demolition of the Masonic Building. On the south side, the by-pass design would also eliminate portions of the River walk and Post Office parking lot.
It is estimated the cost of a wider channel for the by-pass plan could potentially double the estimated $40 million dollars for restoration. The Council wasn’t happy with the 2010 start date for construction, and asked Legal to see if there was a way they can start building the bridge sooner. Dan Gustin was the most reluctant one to concede the bridge should be torn down, while it was pretty much a no-brainer to Sverazza, Dortch, Zadra and Hascheff. Most of the slides shown showed a signature bridge style with support on the top side of the bridge, and all council members expressed concern with the replacement option and having to ‘grade up’ to the new bridge’s higher level.

Reno and Beyond: John McCain Changes His Position So To Speak

DMD gave me a great idea for a new poll so its time to take the totally and completely scientific Virginia Street bridge poll down. After what I suspect was a takeover by Erik Holland and his band of merry bridge restorers, the voter was 65% in favor of restoring the bridge (83 total votes) [...]

Reno and Beyond: Eat The Press, They Deserve It

Check out the photos of the 8 on Center home interiors taken by DMD. Nice, but too pricey for me. The Nevada Conservation League launched a blog on March 1st–a welcome addition to Nevada’s blogging universe as one hipster tipster noted.Today’s post details last week’s meeting of the Senate Commerce & Labor Committee on renewable [...]

Reno and Beyond: Ultra Lounges, Oh My!

DMD and I have been chatting about how alive WeFi was this weekend. Its probably a combination of the good weather and the opening of two new night spots (The Imperial and Divine Ultra Lounge)–whatever the reason, its a great development for the neighborhood. I absolutely love the Imperial, the frites are fantastic. This place [...]

Sunday’s Something To Think About

Today I watched The U.S. vs. John Lennon and was struck yet again by the similarities between the late 1960s and early 1970s, particularly in the way the Justice Department was being used as a political arm of the Nixon administration. Witness this section of Attorney General John Mitchell’s Wikipedia entry: During his successful 1968 [...]

10 North Virginia Plaza to get lots of use during Summer

Even though it has no canopy or retail, the 10 North Virginia Plaza will get a lot of use this summer – The proposed calendar of events includes recurring items (e.g., Sunday Controlled Burn, Tuesday Municipal Band, Wednesday Blue Grass), as well as several stand alone events. A monthly “Reno Showcase” will be a headline attraction. Additional program ideas continue to be reviewed by staff.

Reverse Speech Going Strong: 17 Years After The Infamous Judas Priest Trial in Reno

Reverse Speech is still popular seventeen years after the Judas Priest “subliminal messages” Reno suicide trial.

End of A Conservative Era?

See Nevada UpNorth’s post related to the comments below here. Andrew Sullivan thinks so and puts the blame squarely on Karl Rove: “The signs are ominous, according to the latest polls. You can download it here (PDF). And you can feel it in the culture. When history is written, I predict Karl Rove will have [...]

Reno and Beyond: Thanks A Lot Bart

Roger Mendez of Sparks wants to know why the King’s Inn is still Reno’s biggest eyesore. Of course DMD has the scoop and guess what? The DeNovo is off. I knew this one wouldn’t work. Valet parking, wine lockers, and a library? There aren’t that many William F. Buckley types in Reno. I hope the [...]

Barbara Boxer Gives Inhofe A Time Out

Gore has clearly gotten under the skin of Republicans because they seem to act the fool just for a slim chance to embarrass him as evidenced by the behavior of Inhofe during today’s Senate hearing on global warming. Senator Boxer literally stopped today’s Senate hearing on global warming to remind the apparently five year old [...]

National Dems Come Out In Support Of Nevada

National Democratic insiders Paul Begala and Mark Mellman came out in strong support of the Nevada Democratic Party’s decision to cancel the Fox News debate. Here are some excerpts: From Begala’s op-ed: That’s why the Nevada Democrats did the right thing in refusing to allow Fox to pretend it is a neutral host for a [...]

Reno and Beyond: You Have Some ’Splaining To Do

So, how did the 10 North Virginia Plaza subcommittee meeting go yesterday? Anyone care to share? Somehow I missed DMD’s update on the Virginia Street bridge meeting that took place last week. He and I are on the same page on this one (despite you people who hijacked the poll!). Restoring the bridge not only [...]