Reno and Beyond: Ultra Lounges, Oh My!

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How’s 210 North doing? I still haven’t visited Divine Ultra-Lounge, as I’m neither “divine” nor “ultra.” On the other hand my “imperial” self has continued to enjoy Imperial Lounge on a few weekday nights.

And, yes, it seems J. L. Wright definitely likes to blah blah blah about nothing in particular (just like yours truly).

I’m wary of any bar that’s not a dive. I think they bus in the “stylish gays” you speak about from the acting school. I’d rather drink on a sidewalk than in any place with bottle service, unless by bottle service they mean that if you crack or chip your bottle they can patch it up for you. If I wanted to live among hipsters, I sure as hell wouldn’t live here. I hate to go Big G on y’all, but Gentrification sucks a large yuppie choad and that’s exactly where we’re headed and out of control, like. All we need is an Anthropologie and a recommissioned hipster diner and I’m outta here. I heard they’re already bussing in gays. Oh, I said that. Gays are the cement that holds a G’fied community together and makes it work. They pay high rents and buy expensive crap. You need either gays or Jews, or better yet, gay Jews. It’s okay. I’m a Jew. What’s next? Maybe some bike jousting? What else was popular in 2002? I can’t live through the past again, man! The pain! The pain! Just please, Izod shirts are fine but that up-collar is so over, it just makes you look like a hick. Drop yr Details subscription and get Paper.

In other smarmy remarks, Dennis Hof…I don’t think setting fire to a place gets rid of crabs. (Alledgedly.) This tells me two things…Airforce Amy must be about 100 now (alledgedly), and Joe Conforte must be (alledgedly) on his last legs in Rio. This burning–take it as his viking funeral, so to speak.

Last: John Edwards is a soul-less POS trial lawyer with less chance than I have of becoming president. what a joke of a man. Maybe Ann was right. Maybe they’ll bus him in to Divine for table service after he loses the election. Oh, Jesus! I just realized…if it’s 2002, does that mean everybody is drinking Rosa wine? I can’t take it anymore.

While I have yet to visit EITHER 210N or Divine, (not such a club kid these days), they both look appealing, and I think they both have their place. I will agree that the ridiculous prices of said “bottle services” can be a little off-putting, but at the same time they assist in creating an environment that can be a nice respite from the *ahem* same old dirty shit.

And what’s wrong with an Anthropologie, anyway? Except that my wife would be tempted too often!

Bring the hipsters on…they make for good entertainment. And keep the haters at home.

I have been to Divine. Strangely enough I think me and my friends showed up moments after Myrna and her posse left, according to our text messages. This valley has 400,000+ people, not 40,000. Believe are not, there are gay and straight people in this town with a crap-load of money just waiting for hip places like Divine and 210 North and Se7en to spend money on a good night out. I am friends with some of them. For example, I could easily get 10 of my friends together and all chip in to rent Divine’s VIP area with the bottle service to celebrate a friend’s birthday. In fact I tried and it was booked for that night. I think what some clubs downtown are realizing is that you cannot survive on selling alcohol alone, and are coming up with innovative ideas to use their venues to create aditional revenue.

I am old enough to remember the first time Izods were cool, but the collar up was never, and never will be.

And you are right about the big G. The city can combat that by making sure that affordable housing remains available in downtown. I think the Riverwalk and Ross Manor existing on the same small block is a good example of how that can work. But the city has to make sure that more affordable housing is built.

I am hoping more for a Crate & Barrel ;-)

I am more of a dive person as well, but I can hang in an uptown place once in a while. Right now, my biggest concern is smoke–and both Imperial and Divine are smoke free because they serve food. Yahoo!

Yes, of course I am right. There must be a balance of organic growth with planned. I hate to say it, but Reno is not even ready for an Ikea yet. Maybe in five or six years. Depends on demos.
Myrna–what do you know about Nevada’s new “no-chattel” mortgages? Scary stuff. Check it out.
Allegedly, Laura Bush is living at the Mayflower Hotel about 80% of the time because George is allegedly drinking again. Not making that up.
My chakras are out of whack. Anybody know a good masseuse? Not a HJ, a massage?
Last order of business– the board game CLUE, making its debut in Iraq this month. Serious. The answer to the murder is always “Mohammed did it with a car bomb in the market.” Game over.
Imagine: do these people really want to watch CSI: Sadr City? They’d spend the first fifty minutes just picking up bodies. Ice T pulls up in a car, rolls down the window. “Yo, raghead? Where were you at last night at 9:45?
Hipsters usually drive the minorities from their cheap rents. Luckily, Reno has no minorities. I just think there’s an entire element missing here to work. Is there a tolerable, nay, decent band in the entire northern half of the state?

I think it’s harmless, even swet to hope for a Crate & Barrel. but where are we if we need a Hegel-quoting Slovenian psychoanalytic cultural theorist (and film critic) to weigh in on the moral ramifications of living in a nation that accepts torture? I mean, really. Stop it. the great symphonic master of pataphysics Jean Baudrillard is dead.Don’t let some Slovenian Clay Aiken of the mind sing at his funeral. It’s just tacky.

Oh, Myrna! The collar is up! The collar is up! Oh, pray for us now or at the hour of our death.

Hey, Divine was as its name implied, Ultra was great.

210 is another story though. The $20 cover charge is extortion. Even a short line is a miserable wait. The staff is snotty and rude, and the drinks are watered down and priced out of this world. A very miserable evening. I would avoid the place completely.

It is funny that you mention the Gays at Divine. The club is very gay friendly… I hope it stays around it is nice not to worry about getting beat up in a club for sending out the wrong vibes.

Too much gossip gerald…I deleted part of your comment.

I didn’t mean to gossip minx, well maybe I did but a little dirt keeps the world turning, thanks for leaving the rest of my comment though, Thank God for Divine the only thing we have close to a upscale gay bar here in low scale red-neck heaven

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