Reno and Beyond: Stealing Iowa

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[...] Donohue’s reaction to this work of art — not to mention his reaction to Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan — made me think of something Violet Blue wrote in the SFGate in response to the Kathy Sierra death-threat situation (via Reno and its Discontents): Sierra’s haters — and the man behind the hate, in my friend’s case — are doing this not because they’re immature. They’re doing it because they want women out of their worlds. Every female tech and sex writer I have contact with knows this — every girl whose work has been Dugg, Slashdotted or commented on in a forum that allows trolls to fester. When someone goes this far, to make death imagery and maintain a 24/7 hate blog, we’re not talking about a lack of social skills, we’re talking about a desire to destroy. [...]




WOW! Just two days before we elect new NSDP Leaders, Collins pulls another fast one by hiring a new Executive Director?

For years many of us have been trying to get straight answers to how staff just mysteriously appear?

Nor can we find out how our search process works or how much compensation is provided in the employee package?

I wonder who, other than Collins, was involved in this decision? Was the Executive Board involved this time? County Chairs? Anyone?

And why is it that Collins still hasn’t resigned as the 2008 Presidential Caucus Chair? Do we really want a publicly known homophobe, religious zealot, sexist, bigot and bully being the face of the NSDP on the national political stage?

Collins needs to be a man, a real man, and realize he’s screwed up and the dignified thing to do is step aside for the sake of the party – and the next generation of NSDP leaders!

In all fairness, I do hope Brock knows fully well what a mess he’s about to step into?

Hopefully, we’ll get through the NSDP Elections this weekend without any complaints being filed with the Secretary Of State – but, we have mammouth problems under Liz Foley, still, in Clark County to address and resolve. But, with Clark representing some 72% of all Nevada Democrats – we have to clean our house, do our dirty laundry, take out the trash and get our party together!

Holy CRAP, Landrums! I haven’t thought about that little dive in years, but this post sure brought back memories of my own. Thanks for sharing, Mike. I’ll agree, there was not a better place to pony up to the bar on one of those 5(?) stools at 4 in the morning, drunk and hungry with your buddies, and order a greasy chili-cheese omelet from that mean old sailor-mouthed waitress. Talk about a good time, and a rite of passage. Awesome.

You want dives? Where to begin? I met my wife at the Beer Barrel. In college we used to go down to the Gold Dust before it was remodeled into the classy locals joint it is today. They had $1 cocktails and $.50 beers. There would be ten or so of us and we’d order a round at a time – one guy pays for each. Inevitably, we’d get kicked out for trying to steal the free six packs of Pepsi and walk back up to campus.

Finally, $.99 breakfasts at the Neva.

The Washoe Zephyr (nee Bertha’s) with the roof open listening to The Virons (Willis A.) & The Dogs. The stainless steel dance floor at Park Lane Mall, Bahama Mama’s. The Crest, the Majestic, just too much fun….

I’ll reminisce about the great food and fun time with friends over breakfast at Peg’s Glorified Ham ‘n Eggs. Ah the memories. Great eggs. Fluffy French toast. Ummm…OK, this was last Saturday just before we all headed over to UNR for the Central Committee meeting. But it is a good memory. ;-)

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