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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Obama?

That’s our subject for today. How do you solve a problem like Obama? How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?* We know its hard to catch a cloud and pin it down, but how can Obama expect Northern Nevada Democrats to vote for him if he doesn’t make the effort to meet us [...]

Hillary Clinton’s Reno Town Hall

If I had to choose one word to describe Clinton’s town hall in Reno this morning, I would choose “impressive”–surprisingly so. Its not that I think there is anything unimpressive about Hillary Clinton, but I was surprised by how impressed I and all the people around me were by here sheer presence. The town hall [...]

The Gift of Music: The Clash’s “Complete Control”

Something fabulous happened yesterday–the minx got her groove back. I can’t tell you exactly when or where I found it, but it was clear once I started replaying The Clash’s “Complete Control” over and over on my drive home Friday night. Haven’t you noticed the absence of music around here? Blogging has been tough for [...]

Take Back The Blog Day

Reno and Beyond: What Debate?

Well, I didn’t get to see a second of the damn debate down in South Carolina. All I got to see was Joe Scarborough and Chris Matthews argue over how shrill or not shrill Clinton was. They both approved of her pearls and other feminine accoutrements by the way, and thank god for that. Andrea [...]

Reno and Beyond: I Need A Spinal Tap Injection

Reno and Beyond: Carts Are Turning

Carla Roccapriore, This NYTimes article on Salt Lake City’s efforts to develop communities around light rail stations is a pretty good read. Reno has a lot in common with Salt Lake City, not the least of which is geography. Reno needs to start thinking about this now–light rail would make sense between Reno and [...]

Reno Can Do

Some people are going to be upset with me for being snarky but I’ve been so good lately. I saw this announcement and felt like Michael Corleone in Godfather III–someone’s always pulling me back into the snark. What was EDAWN thinking? And here’s the new website for the brand. Could our new brand be any [...]

Pay Equity

I don’t know if you had a chance to see the poll on pay equity that was on their site earlier today (I tried to find it so I could print a screen shot, but its been replaced by a rather tardy poll about Harry Reid’s “war is lost” comment). The poll asked the [...]

Reno and Beyond: Equity You Say?

Its always good to celebrate one’s successes so UNR should be congratulated on its #1 ranking among Division 1-A colleges on the Gender Equity Scorecard. The scorecard was created by Charles L. Kennedy, a political science professor at Penn State University-York, and is used to evaluate how well colleges and universities comply with the “spirit [...]

Earth Day Is Special

I thought I shouldn’t let another Earth Day pass without some kind of celebration, so this year I made Bjorn the Houseboy tie-dye my favorite pencil skirt, buy me some haraches, and French braid my hair. I found the ukulele I used to play when I was eight at the bottom of my steamer trunk. [...]

Behold, The Chicago Spire!

Some readers have accused me of having a predilection for phallic images, but really, what on earth is a minx supposed to do in such a phallocentric society anyway? But the good people of Chicago are just taking things to far. Its one thing to admire the phallus and its quite another to build a [...]


As we now know, Cho Seung Hui’s madness and subsequent killing spree manifested itself in a deep hatred of women and their sexuality. As the facts trickle out, we are finding out more and more about the misogyny enmeshed in Cho’s paranoid fantasies. Cho’s roommates told their female friends to stop coming to visit them [...]

Since I Can’t Say Anything Nice Today

I won’t say (much of) anything at all. Between Justices Sam “I’m going to crush Roe v. Wade” Bandito and John “And I’ll smile while I do it” Robber Jr, confirming the takeover of the Supreme Court by the Federalist Society, the increasingly disturbing news about Cho Seung Hui, and the fact that the federal [...]

I’m Waiting This One Out For Now

The minx is waiting to hear a few more facts before weighing on the killing spree that may have been launched by a possible incident of stalking or intimate partner violence at Virginia Tech. But I wanted to direct you to this shame. Seriously, what is wrong with some people? You’d think some coward sitting [...]