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Hiatus Interruptus: Obama’s Reno Campaign Stop

Photo courtesy of J.B. That was fast wasn’t it? Okay, something important happened today–so important in fact that I was compelled to emerge from my all of a sudden very short hiatus–Obama came to Reno. Yes, I said Reno. He also made the obligatory pilgrimage to Comma Coffee in Carson City. See what you started [...]

Summer Break

Sorry Discontents, but the minx needs to take a little hiatus. Don’t worry, everything is just fine. Really. I may check in once a while, particularly if something really exciting happens. If everything works out, I’ll be back in in time to discuss the state caucuses. In the meantime, think of me and Bjorn the [...]

Reno and Beyond: Big Brother Wants You To Be Quiet

The minx got an email from someone working on the city’s plan to build a year round market in downtown and as DMD notes, the city council approved the idea last week. I hope they follow my advice and try for something like Eastern Market in D.C. Eastern Market is a popular neighborhood destination with [...]

The Gift of Music: Love and Rockets’ “Ball of Confusion”

For some reason this Love and Rockets song seemed appropriate today–plus, its just an awesome song–a Temptations’ original only angrier. Remember Bauhuas? I love me some Peter Murphy too.

Reno Obama Mania

Well looky who’s coming to town–the man Rush Limbaugh has labled the magic negro–Barack Obama. After visiting New Hampshire and Iowa bazillions of times, and Las Vegas twice, Obama is finally going to share some of his magic with Reno. Is the unnannouced location a strategy or was the trip planned so quickly that his [...]

AB 150 Killed, Plus, I Have Not Been Kidnapped!

I had no idea anyone was still reading. No seriously, I have had some important off-blog stuff going on and have had to take a little break but after reading two blogs, I was compelled to take a few minutes and post something. First, contrary to speculation by some, I have not run off with [...]

Reno and Beyond: Where’s My Prize?

This kind of rhetoric makes me seethe. The reasons late term abortions are performed are; the fetus is dead, the fetus is alive, but continued pregnancy would place the woman’s life in severe danger, the fetus is alive, but continued pregnancy would grievously damage the woman’s health and/or disable her, or the fetus is so [...]

Reno and Beyond: The G-Spot Is Closed

Bloody hell! Where did the G-spot go? Where is Bjorn the Houseboy going to pick up my, you know, supplies? Does anyone know what happened? The Larry Lessig bipartisan crew (of which I am gratefully a part) is still agitating for all the news outlets to make debate footage available in the public domain or [...]

The Minx Recommends: 20th Anniversary of Dirty Dancing

That’s right folks–its been 20 years since this masterpiece starring the cringe-inducingly handsome Patrick Swayze and you can be a part of it. The Imperial Bar and Lounge is hosting an extended happy hour and showing of the movie we all love to hate and hate to love tonight from 7pm to 10pm. Watch Patrick [...]

Reno and Beyond: Democrats Work?

Update: The did link to the MSNBC story on the Gibbons corruption investigation in their “breaking news” section of the website. I still think the hometown paper should cover such a high profile story on a local figure–particularly when he is the Governor. But fair is fair–they did at least link to the photos. [...]

He Said Mancake!

Were you riverside on Saturday when Reno River Festival announcers Hobie/Dan (I just lump them together because I don’t know which is which) used the minx’s nickname for Jay Kincaid–Mancake? Without giving credit where credit is due I might add. The “manscaping” comment during the awards ceremony was excellent by the way Hobie/Dan. I’ll have [...]

The Embarrassment Known As Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons Continues His Reign Of Comic Terror

Well, its official, the FBI has issued grand-jury subpoenas in the Jim Gibbons/Warren Trepp corruption investigation, and if what Dennis Montgomery says in this interview from the Today Show (here’s the transcript) is true, he is in a lot of trouble. Seriously, could the photos be any better (if you don’t think Gibbons should remain [...]

Reno and Beyond: Canopy Redux

DMD updates us on the infamous canopy project for the plaza at 10 N. Virginia. Its actually going to be built in September of 2008 if the city council is to be believed. And good news—the new design won’t blow over in a hurricane. Seriously—thank god. The canopy will be a seriously interesting addition to [...]

Reno and Beyond: WeFi Is For The Enjoyment Of All

My lord, I take a day or two off and half of the state’s political luminaries make sure they are splashed all over the national media in very unflattering ways. The good news is that The Imperial Bar and Lounge is now open for lunch. If they would start carrying Newcastle, I’d drag Bjorn the [...]

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