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Undercover Minx!

I have discovered the truth about the Minx! cialis 5 mg online No, she is not pregnant. No, the Jamaican island sex party rumors are not true, and what happens in Vegas can stay in Vegas. I have it on good authority that Myrna the Minx has gone undercover to expose America’s favorite hate swilling good time gal, Ann [...]

A Poet’s Life: Tim Armstrong

We interrupt this hiatus to bring you the delicious new solo effort, A Poet’s Life, generic cialis uk online pharmacy from Tim Armstrong. Here’s a review from Popmatters. Yes! This is ska Americans can be proud of. Screw No Doubt. Thanks for doing your best to undo the damage those dimwits did Tim and lasix without a doctor The Aggrolites. It begs the buy generic levitra question [...]

Houseboy For Sale, or I’m Not Preggers

First things first. After I received an email of congratulations on generic cialis cheap my pregnancy from an ex-boyfriend, it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to check the blog for any unusual activity. Believe me, the minx is the last woman on earth to even think about popping out any mewling offspring, uh, [...]

Happy Hiatus

I have it on good authority that the Minx’s “summer break” is for quenching her thirst to order viagra 100 mg nest, rather, she’s on maternity leave. Here’s how I got the scoop… I was at Barnes and Noble last Thursday picking up a copy of Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing. Before I left I made my regular stop in [...]

When Journalists Blog: The Biggest Little Crime Blog

Honestly, I couldn’t believe this post by the’s crime reporter so you”ll have to tell me if I am over-reacting. I think its a good example of why professional journalists shouldn’t try and blog like bloggers if you know what I mean. There have to be some standards don’t there? I’ve always had a [...]