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Aging Gracefully: Antonioni and Bergman

Oh my, Ingmar Bergman and Michaelangelo Antonioni both dead. Two film giants. What is there to say? In college I took an Antonioni film class in college, and it was a wonderful experience for a young film lover. Watching “The Dreamers” took me back to my own heady days of amateur intellectual film worship. There [...]

Endorsing Obama: Sheila Leslie

I recently interrupted Sheila Leslie’s South American vacation to expound upon why she chose to endorse Barack Obama’s candidacy for president. Thankfully, she waited until her return to Reno before responding to my pesky questions with some thoughtful responses. The reasoning behind her choice to endorse Obama very early in the campaign season demonstrated once [...]

You Really Should Learn To Keep Your Pie Hole Shut Bill O’Reilly

I’m a little late to the party this time but that’s only because I am on hiatus. What’s a girl gonna do? As a blog reader, you probably know that Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly has been going after DailyKos because of few comments left on the blog. First of all, O’Reilly obviously had no clue [...]

The Pogues Are Back In San Francisco

What do you know, Shane McGowan is not only still alive, he’s still singing with The Pogues on another West Coast tour. Hot damn! There are still tickets left for their dates at the Fillmore in October. The only reason I’m telling you filthy thieving bastards now is because I already bought my tickets. The [...]

Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul

Ken Layne says that I’ll quadruple my blog traffic by merely mentioning Ron Paul’s name so I thought I’s see what it could do for me over the weekend until my hiatus is officially up. You know, the Ron Paul running for president? Yes, that Ron Paul. He’s like Ross Perot but with better hair. [...]

Where’s The Hair or Masculinity Ain’t All We’ve Cracked It Up To Be

I apologize for the general messiness of this post. Sometimes what does on in my head isn’t pretty and sometimes I can’t find an organized way to write it. I still have to write it though. Another day, another ridiculously obtuse editorial about John Edwards’ Hair (that’s right–Edwards’ hair has become a proper noun). This [...]

I Missed The Debate

Andrew Sullivan thinks Clinton won (and he hates her). Digby thinks that Edwards won. Yeah, whatever. Ken Layne’s liveblogging has to be the best presidential debate coverage by anyone, anywhere, ever. Anyway, since I don’t have anything to say about the actual debate, here is the Edwards campaign’s response to the “hair issue.” I wonder [...]

The Nevada Presidential Caucus FAQ

I couldn’t let this go by without having a little fun. I found it on which I found on Nye — Gateway to Nevada’s Rurals blog the other day. I give you the minx’s Nevada Caucus FAQ! What is a caucus? A caucus is a completely chaotic and disorganized process by which Nevada Democrats will [...]

Reno and Beyond: For Some Reason I Felt Like Doing This Tonight

Don’t get used to it yet though. A Reno woman decided to go all “Smokey and The Bandit” in the near vicinity of President Bush in Nashville today. She claimed she wasn’t aiming her rented Mustang at the President, and in fact didn’t even know he was in town when she crashed through the road [...]

Win One For the Gibbons

Its always great when someone as straightforward and logical as Jim Gibbons grants one of his rare interviews to the press. People need to be reminded daily that they voted for a man who can’t even help contradicting himself in the first sentence. Gibbons seems a bit doubtful about how interested Nevada voters are in [...]

Romney Is “Deeply Troubled…”

No duh. I guess the whole Marriott as porn peddler association is finally hurting Mitt’s campaign. He and David Vitter can work together to “clean up the water in which our kids and grandkids are swimming.” Vitter allegedly knows all about “perversions.” Behold, the winner of the worst worse of metaphor and barfiest political ad [...]

Myrna The Minx: Coming To England

Promise me this. If I ever join a manufactured girl pop group with a name ending in “Girls” in which I have to assume a single name reflecting some aesthetic quality, make a few million dollars which I parlay into meeting the richest and most famous metrosexual soccer player (with a remarkably high voice) in [...]

Elizabeth Edwards Opens The John Edwards Campaign Office In Reno

Elizabeth Edwards came to town to open her husband’s Reno campaign office, and let me just say this: A man that can pick a woman like Elizabeth Edwards as a life partner demonstrates excellent judgment. What an asset she is to the Edwards’ campaign. Expect a story tomorrow in the Reno Gazette-Journal since I spied [...]

Tad Dunbar Retiring; The Minx’s Location Revealed

It seems as though Tad Dunbar is retiring at the end of the month (you’ll have to watch the monday video). I don’t normally do this, that is, post on other people’s blogs, but this just can’t be covered on my blog. The Minx, you see, is off on the unnamed island where Dunbar will [...]

Win A T-shirt: Minx Hiatus Contest!

You could win this foxy t-shirt! Deadline for all entries is August 1st, 2007 Since so many are speculating wildly about what the minx is doing on hiatus, I thought it would be fun to hold a contest. Whoever comes up with the best post about my hiatus related activities will win a coveted R [...]