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Reno and Beyond: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Bathroom Sex

Rep. Porter advises a continuation of the Iraqi occupation to keep gas prices down. And to answer Josh’s question is: In the case of Porter–definitely. Come on. You gotta admit that the Desert Beacon’s post on “progress” in Iraq is funny. Except, its not because its about a war, and people dying while an administration [...]

Reno and Beyond: My Cat’s Getting Everything

City Council voted yes on the stadium deal. It looks like the terms have been settled on so I can now express my excitement about the project. Hot damn! Poor old soon to be ex-Senator Larry Craig. You never know who your real friends are until you’re convicted of a misdemeanor for what is considered [...]

Reno and Beyond: What?! I’ve Got A Wide Stance!

Okay everyone, quit picking on Larry Craig. He’s not a homosexual–he’s married with millions of children. And there’s no crime against being a bisexual or having a wide stance. But yikes, this well-researched post by Glen Greenwald positively skewers some right-wingers who deserve it, because, let’s face it, nobody likes a hypocrite. Granted, NSHE Chancellor [...]

So Let’s Talk About burning Man Shall We?

Photo of San Franciscan Paul Addis courtesy of the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office and published by the Obviously, I don’t attend Burning Man, never have, and probably never will. Its not because I hate it or think its sinful or “counter-culture,” its just because its not what I’m into. And call me crazy, but [...]

Reno and Beyond: WordPress Ate My Post So This Is All You Get

I love the Obama Campaign’s logo–its modern, fresh and conceptual–but not so conceptual that the trappings of American campaigns aren’t recognizable. Clear to all is the red white and blue of the American flag, a sun seems to be rising over the heartland laid out in stripes of red and white, and its all encompassed [...]

Holla Back Reno

“Wow” is what I said after reading this Sunday’s editorial by Cory Farley. And I’m absolutely certain you have all come to the wrong conclusion about why it made me extremely uncomfortable. For instance, that fact that he accuses high school and college age women of dressing like “aspiring hookers” doesn’t bother me (well, it [...]

Baseball Stadium Developers Soon To Be Awarded Half Of Downtown Reno

I am just going to post the entire article here so that we can all discuss it: Developers took a decisive step toward building a $55 million minor league baseball stadium in downtown Reno on Friday when a citizens advisory committee unanimously backed the ambitious deal. SK Baseball’s plan calls for a 6,500-seat stadium [...]

Reno and Beyond: Parking, Parking, Parking

The city and county finally approved a new downtown parking lot on Wednesday to help with the lack of parking near the municipal court. Okay, I am not about to argue that the city (and county) didn’t need more parking, but I am going to point out a disturbing trend that someone needs to start [...]

My Wise Sentiment for The Day

Our president is an idiot and we are an idiot nation for electing him. Bjorn the Houseboy agrees with me. I don’t know what else to write. Some days are like that.

Reno and Beyond: Northern Nevada Threat Level? Moderate. Southern Nevada Threat Level? Up A Dry Riverbed

Goddamn that crazy German Sven of My Silver State netroots blog, he created a Facebook site for my Reno mayoral campaign. I guess I have to join Facebook now don’t I? Now I can be Dave LaPlante’s friend. I draw the line at Facebook though. Oh, and LinkedIn. Oh, and Myspace. Oh, who am I [...]

Reno and Beyond: Surprise, Surprise, Tax Breaks Raise Their Ugly Heads

Come on, you knew it was coming. Its not possible to build a sports stadium anywhere without the developers/owners asking for and getting tax breaks for the privilege. I’m not saying it might end up being a good investment–but I just knew the request was coming–it just being kept under wraps until the proposal came [...]

Reno and Beyond: Ensign Has His Finger On The Pulse of America…Not.

The minx was in Vegas a few days ago and ran into lobbyists, state government officials, and various congressional aides on their way to the Tahoe Summit where lots of bigwigs (Bill Clinton, Harry Reid, John Ensign, and who was that balding guy with the napkin on his head?) were gathering to pay homage to [...]

The Gift of Music: New Order’s “Ceremony”

Its been a long time huh? If you’ve been listening, the sounds of New Order are all around these days. In AT&T commercials, in movies and movie soundtracks, and in the contemporary bands that have rediscovered their artfully layered tinny guitars, fast bass line, and spare vocals after us old geezers discovered them in the [...]

Reno and Beyond: It Looks Like Baseball In Downtown Reno

The other Clinton, that would be former president Bill, will make a stop in Reno on his way up to the Tahoe Summit. You can catch him at the Reno/Sparks Convention Center this Friday at 5pm. The event is free and open to the public. RSVP by phone to Nevadans for Hillary Reno office at [...]

RIP Tony Wilson and Watching The Henry Rollins Show

I played New Order all day yesterday in honor of the passing of Tony Wilson, the founder of Factory Records, and the man that helped promulgate the Manchester music scene to the world so that teenagers living in the middle of nowhere like me could discover the wonderfully hypnotic bass of Joy Division and then [...]