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A Modest Proposal To Elevate The Nevada Caucus

Is it only me, or is the national media’s tendency to ignore the Nevada caucus altogether starting to bother you too? I guess I’m finally thinking of myself as a Nevadan because its really starting to bug me. So, I propose a plan. The only way for the Nevada caucus to make its reputation is [...]

Forget About The Mexicans, The Chinese Are Coming. Oh Wait. The Mexicans Are Coming Too.

If you want to understand how it might feel to inhabit an alternative universe, the forums are a good place to begin. After reading how the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents raided local McDonalds (and the love-filled comments on that story), I happened upon this totally detached from reality conversation on the Chinese plot [...]

For Once, Broder Has A Point

Today the Senate passed the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) with what the WAPO called “an overwhelming bi-partisan vote” of 67 to 29. You’d think that since the SCHIP is a government program with a track record of success, everyone could get behind. But you’d be wrong. Nevada’s Dean Heller for instance. Heller’s vote [...]

Meathead Endorses Hillary Clinton

Seriously. I received a press release from the Clinton Campaign entitled: “ROB REINER ENDORSES HILLARY CLINTON.” When I read the subject line in Google mail, I almost screamed with laughter. I guess Obama still wins in the celebrity endorsement category since he has the irrepressible Oprah on his team. Politics can be pretty funny. Oh, [...]

Upcoming Democratic Events in Reno

Thursday, September 27th, 2007 1:00pm-3:00pm Restoring America’s Values: A Conversation About Foreign Policy Ambassador Joe Wilson and Frankie Sue Del Pappa at TMCC. RSVP 6:00pm-9:00pm Virgina Demmler Honor Roll Dinner Featuring Tom Daschle, Amabassador Joe Wilson, Patricia Madrid, and Christiane Brown at the Grand Sierra. Buy tickets. Sunday, September 30th, 2007 4:00pm-5:00pm Townhall with Elizabeth [...]

Nevada Blog Love

First, I want remind you that the Nevada bloggers you read most days spend a lot of time maintaining their blogs and so you should not only comment on what you read, but share it with other potential readers whenever you really like something. Its called social networking and its easy (particularly on my blog [...]

Burmese Monks and Citizens Defy Authority

ReutersYou would have to be a real asshole or a casually dressed narcissistic authoritarian leader not to recognize the awesomeness of what the Buddhist monks in Burma are trying to do–take down an authoritarian government through sustained (mostly) peaceful protest. Its been amazing to watch the monks solemnly assume their place as the conscience of [...]

Rename the Tuscon Sidewinders, Reno’s New Baseball Team

Read about some of the suggestions in this RGJ article. I am partial to the Reno Aces because the mascot costume would like like those playing card characters in Alice in Wonderland. Also, I am not fond of alliteration so I think Reno Rambler, Rustlers, Red Hawks, etc., are out. Take the Poll. Darn, my [...]

Emerging Cinemas Independent Film Series at Nevada Museum of Art

Exciting news from the Nevada Museum of Art: The Nevada Museum of Art (NMA) announced today a partnership with Emerging Cinemas to present independent films to be screened regularly in the NMA’s Wayne and Miriam Prim Theater. Based in New York City, Emerging Cinemas is dedicated to presenting international film festivals, first run independent/international films, [...]

If The Homeless Were Dogs, Would We Care More?

In case you missed it, The RGJ has an excellent article on the disturbing increase in victimization of Reno’s homeless population by teenagers. You may have heard about the recent death of 55 year old James Markham Beasley, a homeless man who was beaten to death by two young men: Christopher Michael Maciolek, 19, known [...]

Pew Research: How User-Driven Content Differs from Mainstream Media

The blogs have probably been buzzing with this, but I missed it so I’m going to discuss it now. A Pew Research report published earlier this month examines what a world without professional journalists might be like by monitoring social networking sites like Digg, Reddit, Sphere, etc. that have begun disseminating news: If someday we [...]

Burman Monks Harness The Power of Human Outrage and Compassion

Do yourself a favor and read about what has been going on in Burma for the last few weeks. Peaceful protests against the military junta ruling the country have been growing in frequency and number, culminating in today’s protest in Rangoon involving over 100,000 people, many of whom were Buddhist monks. Opposition leader Ms Suu [...]

Hillary Clinton’s Albatross and Other Mysteries

Now that Cosmo (known in his previously lovable loser life as Alvaro) is one of Mystery’s wingmen and The Pick-up Artist is over, its one less obstacle to posting. Bjorn the Houseboy watched the show religiously, and much to my chagrin, I often came home to find him parading around the living room wearing over-sized [...]

Reno, Nevada Earning Accolades

Jim Litchfield forwarded me just the kind of write up I like to see about Reno in Esquire this month as a part of their 2007 directory of “…one hundred remarkable people, things, ideas, and places that we think will be making an impact on our culture, large or small, in the months ahead.” And [...]

Taxation without Represenation: D.C. Statehood and The Constitutionion

Its been interesting for me to read the various responses to the failure of bill that would have given D.C. residents the right to equal representation in the U.S. government–here’s one that was published in the RGJ. I have never lived inside the District limits, (I lived on both the Virginia and Maryland sides), but [...]