Upgrade and Redesign Completed

And to tell the truth, I’m so exhausted that I need to take Monday off. Kick the tires and let me know what you think. One thing I had to change was the logo. So as much as you may have loved the old one, the new one is here to stay. I switched to a new WordPress theme called Patriotic by Sweet Potato–a fabulous designer–that uses widgets to arrange content. Widgets are a godsend to someone like me who can’t program her way out of a box. If you’re on WordPress, you should check out Sweet Potato’s free themes They work really well for content-heavy sites.. Its even possible that I may change my theme to Quadruple Blue if I can get some of the presentation issues resolved. Happy WordPressing!

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new logo is hawt!

Doesn’t work for me.

well you suck.


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