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Its Was A Boy’s Night Alright

Taylor Marsh is right.  Russert was a disgrace last night as a debate “moderator.”  He made Chris Matthews look like Walter Cronkite, not to mention Clinton’s new best friend.

Ron Paul’s Latest Political Ad in Nevada

This video keeps messing up my theme–see if it works this time. I stole this from Zach Attack

Blumenthal Exposes The Family Research Council’s Hate and Hypocrisy…..Again

Watch the video at the HuffingtonPost: Though no candidate emerged from the Summit as a clear Christian right favorite, the badly underfunded former Arkansas governor and Baptist minister Mike Huckabee won over the audience with his insistence that banning abortion would put an end to America’s illegal immigration problem. Huckabee’s comparison of “liberalized abortion” to [...]

Edwards Won The Debate But Are We Doomed to Repeating History Again with Giuiliani?

Ezra Klein asks the question I have been asking myself for months now. Why isn’t the press treating Giulani like the crazed, power-obsessed, and corrupt man he clearly is? You know, a few years ago, Sally Quinn wrote an article explaining why elite Washington had united against Bill Clinton. In it, David Broder famously said [...]


From Philip Matier and Andrew Ross in this morning’s San Francisco Chronicle: Political break-in: Just a day after Barack Obama’s staffers moved into their new state headquarters in Los Angeles, someone broke in last week and stole a pair of laptop computers containing sensitive information about the campaign’s field strategy and its voter contact file. [...]

Project Brainfart?

That’s what someone who sent me this link to Project Brainstorm, the RSCVA’s latest endeavor to involve the public in its decision-making. Or is it that the RSCVA is handing decision-making over to the public and still getting a percentage of hotel room taxes for the privledge? You be the judge! So far, there is [...]

More Debate Scheduling Conflicts: Are Republican Candidates Afraid of American Minorities?

It sure looks like it. Remember all the hullabaloo about the Democratic boycott of the Fox News debates sponsored by the Nevada State Democratic Party and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute earlier this year? Well, it appears that Fox News can’t even get Republican presidential candidates to show up for a debate when the sponsor [...]

Charla Mack: Victim of Darren Mack, A Perfectly Normal Abuser

I have gone back and forth about whether to spend much time writing about the trial of Darren Mack who has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity for the attempted murder of Judge Chuck Weller and the murder of his ex-wife Charla Mack. And what decided was that I would repost what I originally [...]

Jim Gibbons: The Most Embarrassing Governor in the Universe?

Gibbons’ October Gaffes: Jon Ralston TRIES to explain the complicated crony system built by the Gibbons’ but its kind of hard when some of them refuse to admit the obvious. Most people under investigation by the FBI for fraud might try to at least look like they are keeping their hands clean but not the [...]

A Serious Sense of Deja Vu

I couldn’t help but feel like I’ve been in Glen Greenwald’s shoes before.  Is it me or does Mr. Bookworm remind you of someone else too?  I just can’t think of who.  And yes, I did read all blog posts involved although I refuse to post each one in its entirety for obvious reasons (like, [...]

The Pogues, Dennis Hof, and Fire

The Pogues show at the Fillmore in San Francisco was just about perfect except for the couple in front of my who were either throwing elbows in version of an Irish jig on crack or trying to have sex–sometimes both at the same time. The band played a lot of older songs and did will [...]

Off To See The Pogues

Here is the guy who’ll no doubt be standing next to me tonight:

Lullaby of London

“Lullaby of London” shows a softer side of the Pogues and is a song that gives you just a hint as to the songwriting abilities of Shane McGowan. As an added bonus, you get a few words from a Japanese interview with Joe Strummer who happened to be filling in for the band on that [...]

More SCHIP Freeloaders (i.e.,Uninsured Working Families)

The Malkin machine continued it search for more SCHIP blood until it was clear the veto would stand.  But where could they find another, even more perfect victim to go after next? You’d think hounding a 12 year old disabled boy and his family was enough, but of course you’d be wrong.   How could [...]

Fiesta with The Pogues

Its time to gear up for The Pogues show on Sunday night at The Fillmore in San Francisco, so I thought I would spend the next few days posting some great music. “Fiesta” shows just how good of a band The Pogues really are. Sure they’re famous for their drunken front man and their reconfiguration [...]