More SCHIP Freeloaders (i.e.,Uninsured Working Families)

The Malkin machine continued it search for more SCHIP blood until it was clear the veto would stand.  But where could they find another, even more perfect victim to go after next? You’d think hounding a 12 year old disabled boy and his family was enough, but of course you’d be wrong.   How could they possibly top their bogus, and let’s face it, sinister attack on Graeme Frost?  To harangue and judge an even more innocent victim of course.  This time its two year old Bethany Wilkerson who was born with a serious heart problem.  I don’t know why it occurred to anyone that demonstrating the benefits of a piece of legislation that provides health care for needy children with an actual beneficiary of such legislation was a good idea.  That’s crazy talk!

Not to be outdone, Wonkette makes a weak attempt to take the SCHIP debate to an even lower-than-low level.  Okay, its not as low as Michell Malkin goes, but its funny and low which is a much more effective combination than hysterical and low.

I expect to write about this more, but Professor Eric Maskin, one of the winners of the Nobel Prize for Economics had something to say about the failures of the “free market,”  particularly in providing “public goods” like education and health care:  “Societies should not rely on market forces to protect the environment or provide quality health care for all citizens.”  I look forward to reading more about the prize winners’ mechanism design theory, but right now, it totally makes sense in the context of SCHIP. From the article:  “All consumers are not perfectly informed, competition is not completely free, and “privately desirable production and consumption may generate social costs and benefits.”  Public policy and legislation needs to take all of these factors into account when considering the public good.  Take that Milton Friedman.  Maybe we could set up a massive experiment, a country where all the Friedman sycophants can create the most Friedmanest political and economic system possible, and we’ll see what happens.  My prediction?  First off, the population will be about 75% males who own guns.  Yeah, that’ll work.

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