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What Else Is There to Say? Ryan Jerz Is Not Anonymous

Behold, Ryan Jerz in all his glory. We are definitely back on the “no poking or reading the blogger” rule again. Its just no fun  someone so determined to be right all the time.  Whenever I think I am becoming too self important, Ryan Jerz writes another long post about me and I always end [...]

What Song Is You?

I didn’t feel like writing much tonight and so I decided to answer a question someone asked me the other day. What song is you? And that’s not the same question as “what’s your favorite song?” I have two. My first is The Talking Heads “This is The Place (Naive Melody)” and New Order’s “Leave [...]

E.J. Dionne on SCHIP

What EJ said: As a general rule, I am a fan of the blogosphere. It has broadened the public debate and brought new people into politics. And nasty stuff is by no means limited to the right-wing blogs. Left-of-center blogs whose political views I largely share have published offensive stuff, too. Shaun Mullen, who blogs [...]

I Support The Troops

I have two close family members in the military, and one of them leaves for Iraq shortly. We aren’t allowed to know exactly when she will leave or where she will go, but we do know she is leaving for a long time. Does it make sense to anyone that I would choose not to [...]

Blaming The Victim: A Conservative Rhetorical Art Form

Maybe its my proximity to the Darren Mack case, or my new theory about Battered Republican Voter Syndrome, but as I continue to think about the scapegoating behavior of Michelle Malkin and other conservative bloggers (in collaboration with a certain Senator’s office) toward Graeme Frost and his family, what comes to mind is what is [...]

Downtown Makeover Dude’s Interview with Fernando Leal

I had a very busy Sunday thank’s to, as usual, Bjorn the Houseboy’s hijinks. He insisted on making a trip to Ikea for some Lingonberries. As a result, there is no Monday post, but you should go over to Downtown Makeover Dude’s site for an interview of one of downtown Reno’s best friends development-wise, Fernando [...]

Ty Cobb: A Legislative Summary

A hipster tipster who lives in Assemblyman Ty Cobb’s district sent me a copy of a mailer Cobb sent out last month that serves as a sort of summary of the legislature’s accomplishments. The funny thing is, Cobb’s mailer lists the accomplishments in a way that his constituents might read as his being heavily involved [...]

Local Blogger Meet-up

Of course the minx couldn’t make this one, or could she? Anyway, Guy Johnson and Diane Cohn hosted a Reno blogger meet-up at the Imperial on Thursday. See the photos of fabulous local bloggers here. Watch the latest videos on

Nevada Media Providers and Political Influence

Media Tracker, a searchable database (by state and zipcode) provided by Well Connected, a project of The Center For Public Integrity (there’s a concept), allows you to find out how your local media providers might be influencing public policy, not to mention the filter through which news is covered. Thanks to MyDD for finding this. [...]

Bush v. Gore

The adorably profane Rude Pundit becomes a philosopher king on the subject of Bush v. Gore: Now that Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize (along with the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the clearest difference between the former vice president and the current president is placed into even starker relief. In [...]

Nevada Blog Love

An effort to share what Nevada bloggers are posting about. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Desert Beacon is the best Nevada blogger you might not be reading. The inimitable Beacon had this to day about Heller’s obtuse SCHIP vote: “When the expressions “circular firing squad,” “lemmings,” and “stuck pigs” are combined [...]

Finally, Obama Vows To Be More Aggressive

Obama has apparently taken the observations that his performance against Clinton has been disappointing seriously. Although I’ve vowed to vote for the good of the Nevada caucus rather than a particular candidate, I really like Obama as a candidate that symbolizes change. He has no attachment to any past presidential campaign like Edwards, Clinton, and [...]

If Not Carter, Then Whom?

Dan Froomkin wrote about the predictable tizzy some conservatives have thrown themselves into over President Jimmy Carter’s harsh words for Bush and Cheney on the subjects of torture and Iran respectively. It seems there is some time honored tradition, secret handshake kind of rule that says past presidents aren’t supposed to criticize sitting presidents because, [...]

Modest Mouse Video Made in Reno

Modest Mouse – Little Motel   Thanks to a tip from local entrepreneur David LaPlante, I found out that over Memorial Day weekend, Reno-native and famous music video director Justin Francis shot a video for a new Modest Mouse song “Little Motel” in Reno. The video stars a lot of local talent and you’ll also [...]

Conservative Leadership Conference in Sparks Nevada

It looks like what was going to be Blogging Man 2007 morphed into the Conservative Leadership Conference which begins today at the Sparks Nugget. They are calling it Rightoberfest. The re-conceived event has attracted a higher level of guest speakers including Bob Barr, Dick Armey and of course Mitt Romney and Duncan “fear the Chinese” [...]