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Darren Mack To Withdraw Guilty Plea

So much for Darren Mack’s desire to spare his family from a murder trial.  Mack has fired his defense attorney and is seeking to withdraw his guilty plea for the murder of Charla Mack and the attempted murder of judge Chuck Weller. What an asshole.

Secrets, Lies, and Resignations

I suppose some of you are expecting some kind of statement on Joe Enge’s resignation from his new job as the deputy director of the state’s energy office because of the media’s reaction to the unfortunate appointment by an administration chock full of them. As I’ve said previously, Enge has a right to a job, [...]

Heck of A Job Hatice

Because it looks like Hatice Gecol is chivalrously stepping up to take the heat for hiring Joe Enge as her deputy. The one aspect in all of this that hasn’t been explored is Enge’s recent history of criticizing government waste and how his new job working as a well-paid state employee might affect his consulting [...]

Joe Enge Is New Deputy Director of Nevada State Office of Energy

Joe Enge is about as qualified to be the Deputy Director of the NSOE as, well, me. Enge used to be a high school history teacher and is now an educational analyst for local conservative entities. So the real question is, what kind of posterior activity, besides some attention directed in the general direction of [...]

Happy Thanksgiving

Pardoned turkey finds Bush’s brain.

And That’s Exactly The Point About Ron Paul

From Andrew Sullivan: It would be pretty easy for Paul to distance himself from some of the kooks who will always gravitate to a non-interventionist, small government candidacy. I don’t know why he hasn’t. And from Libertarian and law professor at my alma mater George Mason University David Bernstein at the Volokh Conspiracy: Ron Paul [...]

More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Your Neighbors

Zip Skinny makes it easy as pie to see 2000 Census data for your ZIP code. For instance, I found out that people living in my ZIP code work in the service industry at an even higher rate than Nevada residents statewide.  From Andrew Sullivan’s place. Have fun.

Bless Their Little Ron Paul Hearts

Photo of UNR students writing the U.S. Constitution in front of Lawlor Events Center courtesy of Inside Nevada Politics and Ron Paul campaign volunteer Robert Tehrune Ron Paul is coming to Reno. In principle, I hate the idea of discouraging anyone’s excitement about a political candidate, and this kind of effort in support of any candidate [...]

StumbleUpon is Cool

Because you find sites like this and this and this.

Downtown Updates from Downtown Makeover

My median courtesy of DMD’s new photo gallery. Downtown Makeover Dude alerts us to the fact that Reno’s downtown library is up for a renovation. I hope they don’t touch those awesome Brady Bunch stairs that run through the middle of that building. That would be a crime. There just aren’t that many places where [...]

Hedge Fund Tax Reform, No, No, No

Mortgage and tax reform bills have both been passed by the House. From the Boston Globe: By a 291-127 vote, the House approved a bill targeting loose and deceptive loan practices that helped inflate the recent housing bubble. Steered by Democratic Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank, it calls for licensing of mortgage brokers and bank loan [...]

Guess What?! I’m Not Normal

Are You Normal? Quirky Character You’ve found yourself mostly in the middle of the road, but you have enough quirky habits to not be entirely normal. You’re probably glad to be more than ordinary, but you’re normal enough to fit in. Sounds like a perfect balance. Take more free personality quizzes I am also a [...]

Hillary Clinton Friday Visit Cancelled

But check out the Reno Bike Project anyway.

Ron Paul’s Tax Free Tips Campaign Should Go Over Well in Nevada

The Nevada airwaves and billboards have been blanketed with ads hyping Ron Paul’s Tax Free Tips Act which should be a winning pitch in a state in which a majority of its citizens work in the service industry and rely on tips as a part of their income. From the press release: The Tax Free [...]

I Think Kontera Made A Mistake

That’s what I’m guessing anyway.  You no doubt will notice the annoying double underlined links that are suddenly appearing on the site–that’s Kontera.  Supposedly, they only let sites that get 500,000 pageviews per month and that is definitely not this site.  But since Kontera made a mistake, I thought I would be a fool not [...]