Gavin Newsome Campaigns For Hillary Clinton In Reno

Gay marriage-loving, adulterous, and general cutie pie San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom will be in Reno this Friday, December 21, campaigning for Hillary Clinton to show she is the candidate who can pull in the young, attractive, and gay-loving vote. That should go over well in Reno as long as the Clinton campaign doesn’t send Newsom to viagra discounts canadian online pharmacy Carson City. As you might expect, buy viagra at a discount Newsom’s support does not generally help Clinton win over Republicans.In what has to be the buying cialis ultimate coincidence, Michelle Obama just called asking for my support for Barack Obama in the Nevada Caucus. Obama sure is young and cialis for sale attractive too. And although no heterosexual besides Kathy Griffin loves “the gays” more than Gavin Newsom, Obama has to be considered homosexual friendly at least.

But Newsome will be here on order levitra now Friday and Obama won’t. In fact, Gavin will be right around the corner at First Methodist Church on on the corner of First and West Street downtown at 4:00pm. He’ll also be hand out warm clothes for homeless veterans at the Health Access Washoe County (HAWC) Clinic,located at 1055 S. Wells at 1:15pm.

The afternoon event begins at 4:00 p.m. and is free and open to the public. Community members interested in attending may RSVP by contacting the Nevadans for Hillary Reno office at 775 473-1330.

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Take some pictures!

Wish I could be there (at First
Methodist Church).

Funny posts like this are always needed before you start your day..


Even though Gavin Newsom’s position on gay marriage is totally correct, his political timing was disasterous. There is a lot of cheap cialis canada evidence that his introduction of that issue shortly before the 2004 election cost Kerry the cheapest price for zithromax state of Ohio, among others. And that was the difference. He could have waited a few months, but his constant need for PR took the upper hand. And put Bush back in the White House.

Yes, kive, that is true. Rove used it as a GOTV

Merry Christmas!

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