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God Hates Reno

According to the Westboro Baptist Church Phelps clan, God hates Reno. If the members of the Westboro church serve as examples of what God loves, well, let’s just say I knew there was a reason I moved here. Clearly, the Phelps clan did not feel the love while visiting the Biggest Little City during their [...]

Dear America, John McCain is Mr. McSurly

America, please don’t make John McCain my president.  Saying “my friends” 100 times per public appearance does not mitigate John McCain’s fundamental flaw–he’s about as charismatic as a dishrag.  Even worse, McCain is pompous, grumpy, surly, condescending, and short.  He is a veteran, you have to give him that.

Edwards Dropping Out of Presidential Race

John Edwards just dropped out of the presidential campaign race from New Orleans, the place where he announced his intention to run for president originally. He asked Clinton and Obama to pledge to him that they would fight to end poverty. I wonder if Edwards decided to drop out in an effort to consolidate Democrats [...]

Giuliani Continues To Delude Self, Will Endorse McCain at Reagan Library

Rudy Giuliani continues on his cycle of self-delusion as he prepares to endorse John McCain at the Reagan Library, no doubt in front of the nation with the help of CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC News. Oh! The symbolism! The elegance of such a gesture! Who better to endorse Bush super-panderer and self and media-proclaimed [...]

Republicans Hate John McCain….Not!

Why do I keep watching MSNBC? Am I self-destructive? Is my Id in control of my Superego? But really, that’s a question for another day. Today’s question is…why don’t Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh, Hugh Hewitt, and the rest of the rabid right just shut up about how much they dislike John McCain? Don’t they realize [...]

New York N.O.W Chapter Out of Line on Kennedy Endorsment of Obama

The New York Chapter of N.O.W.’s statement on their disappointment over Senator Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama strikes me as giving Senator Ed Kennedy a lot of power over their desired result more than anything else.  Its ridiculous for New York Director Marcia Pappas to respond to Kennedy’s endoresement in this “if you’re not for us, [...]

Bad News on Reno Housing Market Front

Category 5 is as bad as it gets in hurricanes and the housing market. From Reno Realty Blog: According to Countrywide, America’s Wholesale Lender, the Reno-Sparks market is a category 5 risk along with other familiar locales, such as Las Vegas, Stockton, Modesto, Riverside, Phoenix, Sarasota and Miami. And there there’s this news from the [...]

Westboro Baptist Heard Saying the Following

Someone who attended Staff Sgt. Sean Gaul’s memorial service as part of the Patriot Guard told me that they overhead the Westboro Baptist Church leader say as the guard escorted them to their car: “Reno mission is a failure.  Reno mission is a failure.” Good work.

Reno Campaigns Financed by Developers?

The RGJ has a series of articles on local candidate financing that collectively take a look at just who is financing local campaigns. First, let’s to send a big shout out of “Duh!” to Washoe County Commission candidate John Breternitz, his accountant , and whoever told them it was okay to leave first names off [...]

What Obama Needs To Be Prepared For

For all of you thinking that Obama as a presidential candidate will be immune to the racial equivalent of this, well, you’ve got another thing coming. The Republicans won’t be bold enough to actually spell out “N.I.G.G.E.R.” or “C.O.O.N” (or whatever racial code word they might come up with) like they do “C.U.N.T.” in this [...]

“Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten” Review

I saw Julien Temple’s documentary about his friend, Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten, at the Nevada Museum of Art’s theater on Wednesday night where it was playing as a part of the NMA’s new film series (which is excellent by the way). Its clear to anyone whose been reading this blog for a while [...]

My Best Friend Heath Ledger, an Iraq Veteran, and The Westboro Nuts

I believe it was on Thursday night that, after hearing some obnoxious television host refer to “Heath” ten times in two minutes that I realized I was watching Entertainment Tonight with Mary Hart–a show I hadn’t watched in years. For those that watch Entertainment Tonight all the time, you know that the show is about [...]

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in The Montage

Getting a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in downtown Reno is BIG folks. An upscale dining anchor independent of a casino is exactly what downtown Reno needs to continue its development as an attraction among tourists and locals. Fernando Leal once again proves his worth for those of us interested in seeing Reno’s downtown continue to develop [...]

Reno’s Own Kathi Brandhorst in Stars Wars Mashup

I don’t usually like to make fun of actual crazy people but, in this case, I couldn’t stop myself. This is for those of you who attend city council meetings and wonder exactly what is going on in Ms. Brandhorst’s head. Okay, it doesn’t really explain that, but it does point to some possibilities. Perhaps [...]

I’m Already Sick So I’m Not Watching The Florida Republican Debate

Seriously, I just took some nighttime cold medicine and am now going to watch the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I know I can’t talk an hour and a half long discussion about how important it is to cut taxes to stimulate the economy. Here’s the debate for tonight in 30 seconds: Reagan, tax cuts, private [...]