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Washoe County Real Estate Market Merely Distressed

Well duh, its clear to anyone that Clark County is severely distressed. Who wouldn’t be after having to call a do-over Democratic convention? Oh wait, this is about the Nevada real estate market? Whoops. Its good to hear that the Washoe County real estate market has improved from the category 5 assigned to it by [...]

Give Everyone Eat: Obama, Catch-22, and Patriotism

Thanks to John Cole at Balloon Juice for the video. Catch-22 provides clarification for America’s perennial problems–corporatism, bureaucracy, and our often less than complex beliefs about patriotism, honor, and morality. The latest “scandal” over Obama’s lack of patriotism and unfortunately non-white complexion, reminded me of the Glorious Loyalty Oath Crusade. Take note. What really constitutes [...]

Its Family Meeting Time

The Gibbons will have a family meeting this weekend to discuss a possible divorce: To Damon at the

Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons Filing for Divorce?

The Gleaner is “reporting” that Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons is filing for divorce. I have had several inquiries, and as much as I wish I knew something, no one I spoke to can or will confirm the rumor tonight. I’m sure we’ll hear more about this tomorrow. Wonkette’s Ken Layne is already all over the [...]

McCain Leads Obama In Latest Poll

For all the hype and “second coming of (fill in the blank)” accolades bestowed upon Barack Obama you wouldn’t think he would be trailing the beleaguered GOP’s candidate. But John McCain is beating Obama in the latest L.A. Times/ Bloomberg poll 44%-42%. (.pdf results)

It’s not the only one showing this surprising result. The recent USA Today/Gallup poll had McCain up 48-47 among likely voters while Rasmussen Reports had it 46-43.

Of course, we also had the recent CBS/New York Times poll with Obama winning by 12 points and an Ipsos/AP poll (.pdf) giving him a 10-point edge. So go figure.

Banning Beer At Nevada Football Games

Nevada’s Governor Jim Gibbons may be getting divorced soon, Microsoft may have been fined $1.35 billion by the European Union, and John Solomon may have written another hit piece–this time on Obama–but today’s most important issue is UNR’s possible ban on beer sales at football games. Along with football, binge beer-drinking and the drunken brawls [...]

Whitehouse Should Have Been Using Gmail

At least there would be an email archive.  How can this even be possible let alone be allowed to happen?

You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down: Dana Jill Simpson

Some people think that women are easily intimidated. Not Dana Jill Simpson.We should treasure whistle blowers, not burn their houses down. According to Paul Kiel, her statements check out.

Music To Drive A Terrorist Insane

Mother Jones releases a list of songs allegedly used by the military to disorient detainees. Included are the themes from Barney, Sesame Street and the Meow Mix commercial. However, we suspect the inclusion of AC/DC and Metallica tunes are more for the enjoyment of the troops than anything else.

But why Prince’s Raspberry Beret?

Nevada One Of The Worst For Job Hunters?

Another top ten the Silver State would like to avoid popped up recently as the unemployment rate in Nevada for December was the ninth highest in the country at 5.8%. Michigan was the worst at 7.6%. Idaho and South Dakota were the best at 3.0%.

Alabama TV Station Censors 60 Minutes Siegelman Segment

From Scott Horton at Harpers: I am now hearing from readers all across Northern Alabama—from Decatur to Huntsville and considerably on down—that a mysterious “service interruption” blocked the broadcast of only the Siegelman segment of 60 Minutes this evening. The broadcaster is Channel 19 WHNT, which serves Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee. This station was [...]

One Reason I Might Have Watched the Oscars

Glen the Houseboy has a nice ring to it. Once is an excellent film.

Reno’s Downtown Baseball Stadium District

For an excellent account of today’s downtown baseball stadium groundbreaking, visit Ken’s Urban Blog. Somehow Ken managed to attend the event even though he lives in Seattle. Does he astral project? Anyway, the new stadium district is what I’m most excited about–not the baseball stadium, although that will be nice too. I think the stadium [...]

The Eloquence of Peggy Noonan

The alternative title for Noonan’s latest Wallstreet Journal editorial: Successful black people don’t know what its like to black, or white, or poor. So they shouldn’t run for president, or even talk really. Privledged white men like JFK and Bush are much more eloquent on what it means to be American. Is it just me [...]

Clark County Democrats Make Best Argument for a Primary Yet

I doubt anyone planned it to be, but Saturday’s Clark County convention fiasco has given proponents of the campaign to the caucus format with a state primary more than enough ammunition to pursue the change with state lawmakers; especially since Dina Titus is one of them. The Culinary Union’s D. Taylor summed the convention disaster [...]