Reno’s Downtown Baseball Stadium District


For an excellent account of today’s downtown baseball stadium groundbreaking, visit Ken’s Urban Blog. Somehow Ken managed to attend the event even though he lives in Seattle. Does he astral project? Anyway, the new stadium district is what I’m most excited about–not the baseball stadium, although that will be nice too. I think the stadium district, anchored by the stadium itself, is what will facilitate the resurgence of the northeast side of downtown, creating another up-and-coming walking district. Combined with the existing charms of the Riverwalk District (soon to become even better with the Old Post Office project and the extension of the whitewater park), WeFi (sure to get even busier thanks to the new urban market), and the train trench plaza going in on the north side of the Montage, Reno is set to become a city in which people can walk from a shopping district, to a ball game, to a concert, to a restaurant–a sure recipe for successful development. There is nothing wrong with healthy skepticism, but Ken is right; what Reno development supporters are seeing now is a triumph of vision. Still no canopy for a while, but I’ll live.

Take DMD’s poll on what you want kind of vendors you want to see in the new market set to open this summer on West Street.

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Also don’t forget the Hyatt Summerfield going in across the street from the baseball stadium on 2nd Street. I will NOT miss the Nevada Inn and 2 other weekly motels that once lined that block. A sleek, modern all-suites hotel with free wifi, full kitchens and all-suites is much better.

My favorite part of the groundbreaking actually happened after the ceremony when Mayor Bob climbed into the big ol’ Caterpillar excavator and whaled on the River Apartments. It seemed a cathartic moment, a chance for Hizzoner to vent some frustration over the glacial pace of downtown redevelopment (a stand-in for the Kings Inn, perhaps?). I posted a couple of pictures at Reno Ballpark Update.

Ken, well yes, pretty much astrally projects. I know these things. That and I offer him a good deal, better than airlines. No toilet on board with me though. So sad. I’m evil.

Yours in hate,

- God

Downtown Reno is improving all the time. But let’s not forget about the remaining 95% of the City.

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