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Adventures in Gold Butte ~ Past and Present

The wildflowers are blooming, the yuccas flowering, and the weather is ideal for exploring Gold Butte. Below is a report from a past trip and this coming weekend of April 5-6th, we are hosting a Gold Butte Weekend with our slogan being “Don’t Gamble On Gold Butte”. Come celebrate the Nevada Wilderness Coalition’s [...]

Probama WordPress Theme for Obama Supporters

Check out the Probama WordPress theme by Category 4–optimized and ready to go.   I hope the campaigns are paying attention.  They should be developing official blogging themes that tap into their social media accounts automatically that supporters can use for free. The Probama WordPress theme comes configured to read the Obama campaign’s RSS and Flickr [...]

Great Foreclosure Bus Tour Fad Hits Reno

Apparently the latest marketing fad in the world of real estate, the foreclosure bus tour, has arrived in Reno. debuts with a Saturday tour of 20 bank-owned homes in the Sparks and Spanish Springs area all from the comfort of a fully-appointed bus. Promised future tours of once over-priced homes include North Reno, the Valley and Southwest Reno.

Put on by a division of Dickson Realty, the bus tour fad apparently joins the company’s “Window of Opportunity” Foreclosure Home Tour as the latest in real estate marketing.

And, of course, as true brokers both are screaming from the rooftops that now is the perfect time to buy. Ahhh … just like they told everybody in the big, unsustainable price run-up of the past few years. You know, like they told the 20 prior owners of the homes the tour will be gawking at this weekend.

The Real Face of Reno’s New Downtown

Talk about snarky: “Forget the willfully boho, barfly poseurs and snarky, pseudonymous bloggers. The McLeods are the real face of the new downtown. ” My first response to this sentence was “WTF?”  (You were trying to get some snark out of me right?).  This blog (as well as this snarky, pseudonymous blogger) has been a [...]

It’s a Great Time to Buy!

Okay, this is funny. Mike found this one, but only I can point to it because it makes fun of my entire profession. (For all my super serious colleagues out there lurking in the shadows, just laugh… it’s a joke.) For all the rest of you, please enjoy. Movie

What the Hell Is a Cuddle Party?

Along with our Monday RGJ was one of those special generic insert magazines that seem to exist for the sole purpose of selling ads to local businesses. In this case, the marks were Reno medical professionals.

But what made this issue of YourHealth Monthly stand out wasn’t the advice on the health benefits of exotic fruits that have never seen the light of day in a Truckee Meadows supermarket (feijoa, camu camu, etc.), but an alleged new phenomenon — cuddle parties.

Strangely, the story on this new fad was found in the”Men” column (apparently a timely “stress and your NCAA bracket” article is considered too masculine nowadays). So what exactly is a cuddle party, besides sounding like a swingers party for those afraid to go all the way? Essentially you hug, spoon, give back and foot rubs and, yes, even moo like a cow. The FAQ even covers the inevitable question of what happens when, well, something pops up (it’s “Mother Nature’s way of giving us the thumbs-up sign”).

While there are no official parties scheduled for northern Nevada, though Dennis Hof might want to put his unique twist on it if the fad truly takes off, you can participate in the Silver State’s inaugural event in Vegas next month. Wine, cheese and cuddling for just $50 a couple.

Candidates Roll Out The Fundraising Gimmicks

Three presidential fundraising gimmicks in one day? It must be end-of-the-quarter time again.

Tuesday’s inbox brought not one, or two, but a trio of contests to try and pry more cash from supporters before the March 31, 2008 deadline. So whether you want to be a part of an intimate dinner for five, ride a bus chock full of reporters or a chance to see Elton John, now is your chance. We even have links for entering without coughing up the dough.

Barack Obama’s offer arrived first this morning with a special invite to join him and three other winners for a special dinner. Two of those selected will be first-time donors, the other pair repeat contributors. No dollar amount is specified, just do it before April 1, but there doesn’t appear to be a way to enter without purchase.

John McCain revived the “Ride the Straight Talk Express” contest and once again is offering the chance for a trip on the bus to donors. The winner receives airfare and hotel for an estimated $1,000 value. Supporters who plop down $50 or more, receive a commemorative ticket. For those who prefer to keep their wallet closed, you can always enter without giving.

Finally, an hour later, Hillary Clinton outdoes them all with an all-expense paid trip to New York to see Elton John on April 9. Two winners will be selected with each receiving a pair of concert tickets, airfare, hotel and a pass to the after-party with John and Clinton. Estimated value is $3,000 per prize. To enter the contest for free, go here.

Bloggers should work in groups

I have been utterly consumed by one single issue on this site for the past three weeks. Granted, it’s a very interesting and important issue that will likely have different, more boring results than I originally thought, but it’s starting …

Liveblogging the Gettysburg Address Coulter-Style

What if Ann Coulter liveblogged Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address?

Mark Kleiman at The Reality-Based Community takes a stab at it. Sadly, he’s probably correct.

Charla Mack Jury Exercise Not about the Money

Charla Mack’s estate and daughter were awarded $590 million settlement in the wrongful death suit filed against her estranged husband, Darren Mack. The settlement is said to be the largest non-commercial payout in state history. From Kolo news: Reno attorney Kent Robison represented the family and says he was surprised by the decision, but thinks [...]

McCain a Straight Shooter, Obama a Spinner

Well, according to a Canadian computer science professor. Oh, and a flowchart to help future politicians decide if $1,000 an hour call girls are worth it.

Oh. My. God. Kareem Has A Blog

I have to quit now. The greatest is now a blogger.

Welfare Has A Name and It is Wall Street

I give you E.J. Dionne: Never do I want to hear again from my conservative friends about how brilliant capitalists are, how much they deserve their seven-figure salaries and how government should keep its hands off the private economy. The Wall Street titans have turned into a bunch of welfare clients. They are desperate to [...]

Obama “A More Perfect Union” Speech in Philadelphia

Obama’s speech today truly was the “A More Perfect Union” speech. The most compelling reaction to Obama’s speech on America and race today comes from Henry on Crooked Timber: “I’ve been thinking most of today about Barack Obama’s speech on race and American society; while we’ve tried to avoid too much horserace type commentary here [...]

Booze banning is the new black

It’s another installment of the Reactionary Hurl, the series that makes useless comments about things you may or may not care one lick about. You are encouraged implored to take part by commenting, sending us tips, and spreading the word. Wow, h…