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When Commenters Go Crazy Over Obama

Sometimes I don’t know what to do besides blog about something–it’s too crazy not to.  I was reading Ken Layne’s latest screed about Jim Gibbons (and I mean screed in the best possible way), on AOL’s Political Machine, because all of a sudden I  was getting hundreds of hits from there out of nowhere, and [...]

Because Scoble is empirical data

This might be the only thing that could cause me to bring back the Self-importance Meter. Scoble now says that since his blog only garnered a few comments on a post, but more response in other social apps, blog comments are dead.

Wait, what am I say…

Hey Dennis.Add this cartoon to the Impeachment Articles

The Taking of “Reno and its Discontents”

When Reno and its Discontents announced it was cutting back on posts and, to keep it active, opened the door for other local blogs to have their feed ran through the site, it looked like a win-win situation. R&D received fresh content and smaller blogs were exposed to more readers. We signed up, as did MrJerz, Downtown Makeover and a few others. It seemed to work well. But I think those days may be over.

Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems like on most days R&D has become just an extension for the now highly-annoying Zeke Says So blog. I mean, when a guy starts writing “COME TO ZEKE SAYS SO” at the end of his blog posts it’s pretty damn clear that isn’t meant for his own readership. It’s an embarrassingly blatant beg for R&D readers to click over, and is really no different than those spammy comments that plague us all (i.e., “Great story. You know what else is great? This site!”).

And, finally, does the world really need another smart-ass ranting and raving the same partisan stuff over and over again? The Anon Guy Says No.

Zeke for Mayor: The Basics

Just to remind you, since Judge Polaha got rid of the residency requirement by ruling that Trent Baldwin’s “reasonable effort” was good enough to run in a District he didn’t live in, Zeke is gonna run for Mayor of Ely! What the hell.Alright, First thin…

The Hurl nukes the fridge

It’s another installment of the Reactionary Hurl, the series that makes useless comments about things you may or may not care one lick about. You are encouraged implored to take part by commenting, sending us tips, and spreading the word.


NV GOP Convention: 0 for 2

Oh this is CLASSIC!Today the Ron Paul Wing of the Nevada Republican Party, tried to restart the failed April GOP Convention. To make it even “sort of legal” they need to get a certain percent of the Delegates to reconvene in Reno at the Grand Sierra. A…

McLame on Yucca Mt:NIMBY Problem

So does NIMBY mean “Not In McCain’s Back Yard”?How does he expect to win ANY votes in Vegas?COME TO ZEKES SAYS SO TO SEE John “I Hate Nevada” McCain explain why HIS State is better than OUR State.

Why Government Is Broke: Reasons 1,110,112 and 1,110,113

It’s funny, or perhaps the better word is sad, how papers nationwide are rife with stories of budget shortfalls for virtually all levels of government. These articles almost always follow the standard M.O. (hand wringing from officials, a quote from a worried special interest and, of course, rampant inaction by politicians) with the end result being the reader sitting there wondering “What the hell can be done?”

But then on occasion there are those local-specific stories, sometimes even in the same edition, that seemingly answer why governments everywhere are going broke. Yet instead of a “what a waste of taxpayer money” approach, the articles almost always take an “isn’t that great for our us” tack. Apparently only pork in other counties or states is open for derision.

A case in point was a pair of recent local stories in a small California newspaper, the Red Bluff Daily News.

The first was regarding tire and junk removal from private property. California taxpayers coughed up $56,250 to remove tires from three Tehama County ranches. One property owner, who claims she didn’t notice the 576 tires when she purchased the place in 1999, was especially excited to find out she didn’t have to pay a dime. “I thought that was way cool. The tires are gone, and it’s groovy.”

It gets even better in a story about a $200,000 state grant being used by private agricultural businesses to upgrade their diesel engines. You know, the kind of basic capital improvements that every other business in a free market economy foots the bill for themselves.

Especially rich, though, was the comments from some of the ranch owners receiving the free ride at taxpayer expense.

“They should have done this 10 years ago,” complained one who was the recipient of $21,350.

But the best was from an organic fig grower who said “Anything we can do to improve the environment, we are for it.” Although, apparently, that sentiment only applies when it is paid for with other people’s money.

And people actually wonder why California has a $16 billion budget deficit.

Dinner time! Thanks W and McLame!

Nevada Republican Party Convention Metaphor

Today, the GOP of Nevada will try to “Restart” their Failed Convention from April.
Here is a Visual Projection as to how THAT will go.

Ron Paul Hates Nevada? What?

So by supporting online gambling, Ron Paul is basically voting to screw Nevada?
Now Nevada already can’t have Income Tax, and Dean Heller and McCain want to eliminate gas taxes in the State and Nationally. Sharon Angle and others want to eliminate Prop…

How to Spot a Political Hack

Listen for these words. Someone that uses 3 of them within 5 minutes is a Offical Political Hack. Which is Bad, right?
Most people have no idea what they mean. Which is Good.
WonkHoover RepublicanCaucus (see previous Post)HubrisQuorumGrassrootsDumpers/…

More Muslim Than Obama Goes Continental!

Thanks to Hattie Garlick at the TimesOnline “Across The Pond” blog, Things More Muslim Than Obama has gone international! It’s funny how the comments are the same no matter where the issue is discussed. It’s also funny how the same percentage of readers never seems to understand the idea of parody or satire. Oh well. [...]

Global Credit Markets: How Big is this Mess?

Last week the Telegraph UK ran an article about the Royal Bank of Scotland’s recent red-alert to investors on the state of global credit. They are predicting a full-scale stock and credit meltdown as central banks worldwide are paralyzed by inflation. I know to some this may sound extreme, but the article make some good [...]