AD32 Issues: Cheat Grass?

Although Zeke is reluctant to get down on the couple of AD32 Candidates who actually HAVE BOTHERED to create campaign websites so far, I gotta show you this. (Go to the “Zeke-Line” for links to the Candidates sites)

Mike Nance has on his “Issues Page” a bunch of topics he will address as your Assemblyman. Although the Mikester wants to do stuff like repeal the Patriot Act, Cut Property Taxes, Protect Religious Freedoms and Own Guns, his #2 Issue appears to be Eradicating CHEAT GRASS.

It looks like Zeke is truly a City Boy.

Apparently this grass is bad and Nance wants to spray(I guess) much of Nevada with an Herbicide to get rid of it. I guess the Herbicide company is giving their products away for free, since it probably would cost a crapload of money to spray most of the Great Basin with poison. I am sure Mike has a great plan.

Speaking of great plans, I sure would like to see Mike’s plan for Education, Energy, State Funding Issues, Health care and Election Reform. Those things, Zeke suspects, are what Assemblymen really fight about during the session. Might be good to know where he stands on THAT stuff too, ya think? Just a thought.

At least we know the all important Cheat Grass Issue is in good hands.

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