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Obama’s New Site: Low Road Express

Attack the attack, not the man.  McCain and his campaign could learn something from Obama and his campaign.  First there was Fight the Smears, and now there is the Low Road Express.  Obama’s crew is FAST.

Blogging The Next Revolution

Since attending BlogHer 08, I’ve been thinking a lot about how my approach to blogging and my goals for blogging affect the nature of my blogging.  Anyway, I’ve written a little about this, but I do feel that there is a big difference between people who approach blogging as storytelling first, and those like me [...]


A new publication arrived at the Nevada Wilderness Project’s Reno office the other day. It’s called The Leopold Outlook, a redesigned “newsletter” published by the Aldo Leopold Foundation, which is based in Wisconsin — Leopold’s home and inspiration for his most notable book, A Sand County Almanac.
Their new publication looks like a magazine. It contains [...]

The Funny Thing, Rape Isn’t Funny

Damn, this is rough. Kind of like a scarlet letter except funnier. Anjeannette certainly seems to have taken it well, and I guess it could’ve been worse. The local press might’ve been forced to wear the Reno 911 badges. One commenter made an astute observation: This would be like putting a picture on the Mississippi [...]

McCain’s Townhall Meeting in Sparks, Nevada

McCain’s latest ad “Troop Funding” Because of my real job, I couldn’t attend John McCain’s townhall meeting in Sparks, but the RGJ was kind enough to broadcast it live on their website. And in spite of my doubts, the streaming video worked out really well–much better than the BlogHer, Netroots Nation joint session did (Good [...]

EFF Wins Another Battle for Fair Use and Free Speech

Danny O’Brien, a charming Brit who also happens to be the international outreach coordinator for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is someone else I met at BlogHer 08 (you’ll have to scroll down the EFF staff link above to see his bio). The EFF has been one of the best friends bloggers have ever had–Bloggers’ Rights! [...]

Comic Relief: Dog Show “Intervention”

See SNL- Dog Show-Intervention and more funny videos on See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Bush Administration Launches Another Unwinnable War–Against Contraception

It’s amazing how timely the questions I asked BlogHer to ask Obama and McCain campaign representatives during a special session were (questions that were not asked by the way). Here are the questions I submitted to BlogHer: I want a straight answer about whether they feel contraception is a health care right of women? How [...]

John Edwards Affair Story Growing

The Independent’s coverage and John Stranahan’s advice to the liberal media on Huffington Post. Don’t ignore it.

I Went To BlogHer 08 and All I Got Was This Lousy Cold

Kidding! It’s a week later, and I’m still recovering from my first BlogHer Conference experience as are many others (I’ve noticed many post BlogHer attendess/cold sufferers on Twitter this week which has turned me into an amateur epidemiologist. I spent 3 1/2 days in San Francisco at BlogHer 08 and 3 1/2 days working in [...]

Barack Obama Berlin Speech

McCain: Obama Would Rather Lose War to Win Campaign

McCain finally goes there: “I had the courage and the judgment to say that I would rather lose a political campaign than lose a war. It seems to me that Sen. Obama would rather lose a war in order to win a political campign,” He’s been trying NOT to say this for months. Wow. Time’s [...]

ChipIn for My Trip to The Democratic Convention’s Big Tent

The PayPal donation buttons were and are wreaking havoc with my blog so I removed those posts. We’re going to try something different–ChipIn. Please donate a few dollars or theoretically buy me a beer or two. A few generous readers have already donated $113 dollars so I only need 400 more to pay for my [...]

BlogHer, Women, Media, and Jennifer L. Pozner

I’ll write more about BlogHer when I have time because between the marketing, networking, session-attending, trying to get my in room internet connection to work, and partying, I just don’t have a lot of it (time).  But I did just want to mention a few people I’ve met who have already made a difference in my [...]

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