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How To Help With Gustav Relief Online

Beth Kanter has an excellent post up that lists numerous ways you can easily volunteer online to help with Gustav relief efforts and how to best follow the news about the storm. Gustav widget Gustav wiki Gustav Information Center (a ning social network) Twitter streams to follow: @gustavfeed @redcross @GustavReporter @UrbanReporter @MarkMayhew

2008 Will Not Be 2004 All Over Again

All throughout the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, and during Obama’s acceptance speech at Invesco Field-Mile High Stadium in particular, I found myself revisiting the memories I have and the emotions I felt during my trip to Philadelphia to attend the Vote for Change concert in 2004 more than once. Attending the Big Tent [...]

Minneapolis Police Actions Before RNC

The reports coming out of Minneapolis/St. Paul are just unfathomable. The Uptake has video of media personnel describing being detained by police and Glen Greenwald has an excellent summary on

The “Drivel” That Was My Big Tent Coverage

It seems that whenever I feel like everything is copacetic in the Reno blogosphere, a blogger decides to use their blog to criticize me publicly. It’s always been my policy not to criticize my fellow Reno bloggers–it only happens AFTER someone criticizes me publicly, and I feel the need to defend myself so that the [...]

Nevada Politicos’ Reactions to Palin Selection

The RGJ’s Tammy Krikorian gathered the reactions of several of Nevada’s top politicians and commentators to the McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his VP (except moi of course–what else do I have to do in order to become a political commentator people?! The National Journal and the UK Observer want my opinion but not [...]

Thanks for The Big Tent

Sinfonian and Quinnelk of the Florida Progressive Coalition (Blastoff) and Athenae of First Draft schooled me on the ways of the Big Tent, and most importantly, kept my laptop safe and kept me in beer while I was there. I was carrying so much gear around, I felt like a CNN camera person–it took sherpa-like [...]

2010 Mayoral Possibilities Open Up

It seems Reno Mayor Cashell is contemplating a run for governor. Could it be that he is clearing the way for my mayoral run in 2010? I better get Bjorn the Houseboy working on my campaign buttons. You can never start to early. It’s time to watch Election again and start getting my Tracy Flick [...]

Dee Dee Myers on McCain’s Vice Presidental Candidate Sarah Palin

Read Dee Dee Myers on Sarah Palin in Vanity Fair. It’s condescending to women AND men when a greenhorn like Palin is picked for a position they aren’t qualified for–a position which admittedly puzzles Palin, especially after making “experience” a primary issue in McCain’s campaign. Myers writes: Clearly, McCain thinks Palin will help him among [...]

Nevada Undecided Voters Choose Obama Post Convention

I cannot find a link to this information anywhere on the Greenberg Quinlan Rosner website so I am posting the press release I received from them because it features a focus group of undecided or “weak supporters” of either candidate from Nevada: Denver, CO. August 29, 2008. On this historic evening, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner/Democracy Corps [...]

Me and Craig Newmark At The Huffington Post Oasis

I ran into Craig’slist founder Craig Newmark at The Huffington Post’s Oasis at the Big Tent during the Democratic convention in Denver. I asked him to say hi to my readers as he was emerging from his post massage stupor. Sorry about the sound:

Obama’s Appearance at Invesco Field

I know you probably watched some of the convention and probably Obama’s acceptance speech on TV, but after watching it on TV myself after walking back from Invesco Field, I can tell you that the televised broadcast did not accurately portray the emotional reaction to Obama’s speech. There really is no substitute for being there, [...]

Nevada Assemblyman David Bobzien at DNC in Denver

I ran into a lot of people at Obama’s acceptance speech at Invesco Mile High Stadium because many of the Nevada people were seated in the same section. Here’s an off the cuff interview with Assemblyman David Bobzien right after the end of the convention.

Cooling My Heels, Waiting for Obama

I just finished a walking tour of Denver–what a fabulous city it’s turned into. I lived in Englewood, a suburb of Denver when I was a kid, but back then, downtown used to be kind of run down, or at least Lower Downtown (LoDo), where I spent most of my time used to be run [...]

What The Big Tent Looks Like

Here’s some video I took yesterday of the Big Tent. Besides being full of hot and sweaty bloggers, well, it’s just full of hot and sweaty bloggers really.

Interview with Jill Derby in Big Tent

Look who I ran into at the Big Tent in Denver while covering the Democratic National Convention. Sorry for all the “ah hm’s” you hear throughout, it’s my first video interview. The Flip Video is pure awesomeness.