10 Alternative Ways To Follow Democratic Convention News

A lot of people have been asking me about the best ways to keep track of the news coming out of the Democratic Convention in Denver. We all know you can watch cable news and read the major newspapers, but I decided to make a definitive list of the best alternative ways to follow the events of the DNC.

You can track me at the convention on Twitter, FriendFeed, Political Voices of Women, BlogHer, on this blog, and possibly a few other places still to be named.

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This is great info, Mynx! And of course I will be watching for your updates!

Have a great time!

I think Twitter is using #DNC not #DNC08 — I was just at hash tags and there is no DNC08 listing.

Right now, I am seeing dnc08 but I wonder. On rootswire, they are saying its #dnc08 and CSPAN is using #dnc08 for their Convention Hub.

Hey Ms. Minx — thanks for the shout-out for both the C-SPAN and Twitter efforts. To the question on the hashtags that Peggy had, using the # explains to readers why it is out of context to the readers (and that the tweet is about that subject). Hope that helps!

Love that we got our C-SPAN ad on your site too! Nothing but love.


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