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Rep. Dennis Kucinich Hearts Rep. John Culberson

I for one love the fact that the 2/3 of House Republicans and 1/3 of House Democrats are all voting against the Wall Street bailout plan written by Mr. Wall Street himself, Treasury Secretary Ron Paulson. Of course he wrote a plan that doesn’t contain any “punitive measures” for his buddies who mismanaged financial companies [...]

Heller Joins House Republican and Votes No On Bailout

The roll call vote is here. Steve Benen on the Republican House members’ choice to use Pelosi’s floor remarks as one of the reasons for their failure to deliver the vote: But more important that than is the truly ridiculous frame Republicans are establishing for themselves by using Pelosi’s speech as an excuse for their [...]

The Buckley Proposal: Nevada State Democrats Showing Leadership

Since no one else seems interested in exhibiting any leadership regarding Nevada’s economy, Speaker Barbabra Buckley has stepped up to the plate in a big way. Buckley is organizing state Democrats to undertake an ambitious process to overhaul the state financial structure. The project is called Nevada 2020 and Buckley is taking the show on [...]

Sarah Palin Becomes Planned Parenthood’s Biggest Supporter

Never underestimate the power of women who feel they are targets of campaign condescension. I received an email urging me to donate to Planned Parenthood in Sarah Palin’s name three times over the last two weeks, and that my friends, means it went viral. But just how viral? Almost $1 million dollars worth according to [...]

New York Times Must Reads Today

You keep hearing some Republican officials and pundits blaming American home buyers for the financial crisis the nation now faces. Specifically, as Steve Benen notes, Rep. Michelle Bachman, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, Krauthammer, the National Review and other conservative voices are blaming the Community Reinvestment Act which is code for “minority” home buyers. [...]

Who Lost The First Presidential Debate? The Middle Class

Honestly, besides the fact that Obama came off as unflappable, gracious, and intelligent while McCain came off as dismissive and petty, as this ad from the Obama campaign points out, the middle class was the bit loser in last night’s debate. Only one candidate seemed to think the middle class was worth mentioning. The ad [...]

No Pleasure but Meanness: Poor Sarah Palin

Like Judith Warner, I’m becoming uncomfortable with some of the discussion surrounding Sarah Palin. I’ve pointed out my share of her shortcomings, but people are getting downright cruel and finding delight in doing so: Frankly, I’ve come to think, post-Kissinger, post-Katie-Couric, that Palin’s nomination isn’t just an insult to the women (and men) of America. [...]

I’m tired. This Debate Sucks.

McCain is just old and sad and empty.

Live Blogging First Presidential Debate In Reno: Part 3

McCain: “General Patreaus, General Patreaus, General Patreaus! General Patreaus will save us, I mean me. I hate debates. Why can’t I control facial expressions? Why don’t people respond when I play my sympathy cards about being a prisoner of war anymore?” Obama: “Whoops, you forgot about Osama Bin Lasden didn’t you?” I know facts are [...]

Live Blogging First Presidential Debate In Reno: Part 2

Obama: “McCain is Bush’s long lost twin with the wrong headed policies and fashion sense. ” McCain: “Freeze spending on everything but entitlements because I’ve become a socialist like all my other rich Republican friends.” Oh yeah, and I’m totally ducking the war costs point. Obama: “I have to make tough decisions. Here’s one. Suspend [...]

Live Blogging First Presidential Debate In Reno: Part 1

Epic fail so far. Its hard to hear–thanks to Street Vibrations–and hard to see. So we’ll see how well this works. McCain? “This is the end of the beginning.” The beginning of what? McCain: “Something happened.” Is this the something noted above? Oh, it’s “accountability” Would that be the kind of accountability that entails cooperating [...]

Live Blogging The Debate At Amendment 21

So I decided that I would live blog the debate from Amendment 21 instead of from home. It’s listed as the location of the Washoe Dems watch party. It’s sure to be a mob scene but I hope someone will save me a seat where I can plug in my laptop. See you there.

Sarah Silverman For The Great Schlep

Warning–Sarah Silverman type language The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

CSPAN’s Debate Coverage Puts Power Where It Belongs; In The Hands of Citizens

CSPAN’s new media style convention coverage was a big hit, so it makes sense that CSPAN would try to improve upon their success with the presidential debates. I got a sneak peek tonight, and wow, let’s just say that CSPAN has succeeded in putting the debate footage directly in the hands of citizens and citizen [...]

I’ll Let David Letterman Do The Talking

Not one to usually be that political, Letterman’s almost 9 minute comedy tirade about John McCain is a fairly amazing commentary on what “Main Street” might be thinking about the McCain/Palin campaign. If nothing else, it makes it clear that McCain has traded whatever reputation or integrity he had for a campaign that is rotten [...]