Obama Technology Policy Event in Reno

Although I spend most of my time on this blog engaging in political critique of Republican politics, politicians, policies, and practices, I have almost never committed myself financially or other wise to a particular candidate. But recently, when asked if I would be willing to organize some events centered around the Obama technology policy, I jumped at the chance because technology policy is an issue close to my heart.

I’ve spent most of the last two decades working in higher education technology departments and a good bit of that time discussing, formulating, and writing policy for handling student data, maintaining privacy and security, account maintenance, strategic planning, process automation, etc. I feel very strongly that technology’s potential has barely been tapped in terms of making government more efficient (unfortunately, I know too much about that one) enhancing communication, and building a better, more transparent and accountable government.

The team I’m working with is in the process of planning a couple of events highlighting the ways that the Obama technology policy can help stimulate the local economy, create jobs, and make government and many industries more efficient (health care is a biggie). For instance, Nevada could benefit in a very real way from Obama’s plan to spend $150 billion over the next ten years on research and development of renewable energy. And on a very personal level, I am delighted that Obama’s technology plan includes funding for additional embryonic and adult stem cell research, because everyday I think about how much easier life could be for my niece as she grows older thanks to scientific advances in diabetes research.

The first Nevada technology policy event is on September 23, from 5:30 to 6:30 at Cathexes (250 Bell Street). I will moderate a panel discussion about how the Obama technology policy might stimulate the state and local economy through it’s focus on innovation, efficiency, and transparency. Click here for the flyer. The panelists are:

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AWESOME! Can’t wait. Great panel. Kudos to you for putting this together. Let’s spread the word.

great article and site! my good friend just did a compare contrast piece on the two candidates. pretty intriguing.

That ten year Venture Investment Capital Fund will be basicly eliminating the “risk” barrier of commercializing new technologies, like that already developed in our government National Science Labs.

If Obama gets in, I see him being like an Ike/JFK hybrid in so much as he will be building new “highways” and creating doorways to “new frontiers”.

In a way, everything is so open ended right now, seeing how there are probably technologies that will be deployed in a few decades that we can’t even imagine them right now.

You should create an event at my.barackobama.com for this. That is, if you have an account there. That’s where a lot of supporters find out about what’s going on.

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