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Happy Thanksging!

Pardoned turkey finds Bush’s brain. This image never gets old.

To Progressive Bloggers Freaking Out

The title of this post sounds like an ode to Andrew Marvel. Anyway, please read these two posts by Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly. Ask yourself this question; has Obama given you any reason to suspect that he doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing? Obama has put forward an agenda that most progressives would [...]

Now That’s A Stimulus Package!

2.5 million jobs by 2011? Now that’s a stimulus package! Add your Congressional Representatives’ and Senators’ office numbers on speed dial and contact me links bookmarked. Obama is going to need the their votes to pass this kind of far-reaching stimulus package. Congress better get the message of change quick or the new election season [...]

Annual Blog Reader Survey

Please take my Blog Reader Project survey. This annual blog reader survey helps bloggers, readers, and observers understand who is reading blogs and how that is changing over time. I hope you will take few minutes to help out with this project. Thanks! Even if you’ve taken the 2008 survey on another site, please click [...]

Stopping to Smell The Roses

You’ve no doubt noticed that I am posting less these days. I am once again working on some new, big projects that I’ll tell you about soon enough. Right now, I am busy ignoring those who seem bent on denigrating the good work of respectable and well-intentioned people. What else is there to do but [...]

Lame Duck Bush Quacks Big Time

While Obama diligently prepares to take over the presidency on January 20th, Lame duck Bush is busy leaving his legacy all over the White House front lawn for everyone else to clean up. One of his most important last minute proposals will effect healthy policy is so potentially discriminating that his own appointee in the [...]

Texas Grand Jury Indicts Cheney and Gonzales

It’s cool and all that a few Texans want Cheney and Gonzales to be held accountable for something, do future presidential pardons make evrything but the trial moot? Hair flip to Off the Kuff.

President-Elect Obama’s First YouTube Address

Obama and his team are already starting to live up to their promise to use technology in new and innovative ways. Sure, it’s only the traditional radio address on YouTube, well, there’s actually an entire YouTube channel that already has an update on the Transition from Co-Chair Valerie Jarrett, but it’s a signal from [...]

Join The Impact Saturday Night: Fight the H8

Tell everyone you know about this international protest. The Reno protest is at 5:30 at 10 North Virginia Street. City Plaza in front of Reno City Hall. 5:30 PM ( Yes, I know it’s supposed to be at 10:30 but for some reason the Reno organizers decided to hold it at 5:30). Local organizing sites [...]

The New York Times Special Edition

Tonight I find out that one of my fellow Twitter Vote Report activists helped organize today’s special edition of the New York Times. While driving home from work, I heard Beka Economopoulos on the radio talking about the event. I emailed her when I got home and she sent me the official press release. What [...]

Fun with Califorinia’s Prop 8

SFGate has provided us with a handy dandy way to see who donated money in support of California’s Prop 8 and where those people live. I wish it was a widget. You can search by name, state, city, and zipcode. I was relieved to not see any of my relatives on the list. Good on [...]

My Radio Chat about Sarah Palin

None of you heard it, but I was on the radio in Palm Springs (THE HOT TALK IS ON…. NEWSTALK 920, KPSI-AM) talking about the ceaseless prattling of Sarah Palin with the gracious Stan Layne. I really enjoyed my 7 minutes and was well prepared to talk about (not) my gal Sarah Palin. I don’t [...]

What The Election Really Meant

Frank Rich in “It Still Felt Good the Morning After” The actual real America is everywhere. It is the America that has been in shell shock since the aftermath of 9/11, when our government wielded a brutal attack by terrorists as a club to ratchet up our fears, betray our deepest constitutional values and turn [...]

Ding Dong, Sheldon Adelson Is Going Bankrupt

That’s what the Gleaner would say anyway.  It looks like “bitchy little area megalomaniac” Sheldon Aldelson is in danger of going bankrupt.  You know what they say about karma. Take it from Bloomberg: Nov. 6 (Bloomberg) — Las Vegas Sands Corp., billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s casino company, fell the most in New York trading since going [...]

And So It Begins…