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Happy Lilly Ledbetter Day!

Rush Limbaugh: Who’s Really Calling The Shots For Republicans


Fun With Email: Stupid Socialist Ideas

Someone sent this email to me just moments ago: “Why don’t you chicken shits go back to California!!! All you people want is more money for your stupid socialist ideas.” From the references to “you chicken shits,” “California,” and “stupid socialist ideas,” I’m guessing the email was sent in response to my post “You Get [...]

I’m Going to Transparency Camp!

Last night, I drank a few beers, and spontaneously erupted in my happy dance after finding out that I was one of 230 people invited to attend TransparencyCamp sponsored by the Sunlight Foundation and iStrategyLabs. From the event details: Convening a trans-partisan tribe of open government advocates from all walks — government representatives, technologists, developers, [...]

We Did It!

Washoe County Democratic Inaugural Gala

Since I decided not to go to DC to attend the Inauguration, I did the next best thing.  I attended the Washoe County Democrat’s Inaugural Gala which was a great event.  Good food (especially dessert!), good wine, and good people.  I even wore my ball gown–where else am I going to be able to wear [...]

Nevada Press Women’s “Men to Watch” List

I’ve got nothing wrong with the list itself, although I definitely would have made some different choices. What I do have a problem with is this statement by the Nevada Press Women’s President in the RGJ: “The Nevada Press Women say watching men is a time-honored tradition. ‘Women have been watching men for a very [...]

You Get What You Pay for Nevada

Take a long hard look. This is where Nevada is now. Imagine what these numbers will look like two years from now. Thank god I I have a job. Thank god I don’t have kids. Hair flip to The Gleaner. Great work from the Las Vegas Sun reporters. Please read their articles. The chart below [...]